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3 Most Random Questions on Famous People’s Teeth You can Ever Think Of

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There are some myths and legends about famous people and their teeth. You might heard some of them ever since you were little, and you might also heard some of them recently. Below are three most random questions asked by my patients about dental care, including the teeth of famous people and also the dream interpretation relating to teeth.

#1 Did George Washington REALLY have Wooden Teeth?

Although it is true that George Washington have a poor dental health in his adulthood, the tale of George Washington’s wooden teeth is merely a myth. During those days the diet is unbalanced, the disease is pretty common, and there may also be genetics reasons. George Washington started to have dental problems in his 20s, and he continued to face the problem for decades.

It is true that George Washington finally uses dentures. However, the dentures are prepared by a dentist named Dr. John Baker. The doctor used ivory as the base material for George Washington’s false teeth. He wired the ivory teeth to the remaining teeth of Washington.  Over time, the dentures are exposed to various staining materials, causing discoloration and made the dentures looks like wood for some.

This wooden false teeth fairytale might also be a way to make a person with great posture like George Washington close to the heart of common people. If you still don’t believe me, you can see the real denture at Mount Vernon, which is the only available full set ivory denture of Washington that is still preserved until today.

#2 Did Tiger Woods Missing a Tooth in a Bloody Fashion?

There was a famous photo taken back in early 2015, with Tiger Woods missing one of his front tooth. Some speculation arises, and Woods and his agent said that it happened in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy. He was there to visit his girlfriend at the time, Lindsey Vonn. A photographer accidentally bumped him in the face and according to Tiger during a press conference:

“The photographer changed position and I got hit. It was an accident… and yes there was blood everywhere.”

Wood’s agent Mark Steinberg also made a similar statement, which then caused the organizers of the event in Italy through their secretary general Nicola Colli to clarify that there was no “blood everywhere”.

“I was with him from the tent to the snowmobile that carried him away,” Colli said. “There was no blood. . . . If Tiger Woods said that, I don’t really know what to say.”

Soon after Tiger elaborate his statement, saying that: “He chipped that one, cracked the other one. . . . Luckily, he hit the one I had a root canal on. That’s the one that chipped. But the other one had to be fixed as well because it had cracks all through it.”

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So there you go… the event is real but not in a bloody fashion as one might think.

#3 What is Dream Interpretation of Teeth Falling Out?

This is another random thing my patients occasionally ask me. They are asking the question to the wrong person, because personally I think that a dream is just a dream. However, I will still provide you readers with the common interpretations available for teeth falling out.

In general the teeth falling out have both negative and positive meanings. Interpreting it will require you to ask yourself which interpretation that make sense for your current condition? Consider the things that are happening in your life that makes the interpretation relevant.

Positive Interpretation:

  • Personal growth sign
  • Signs of renewal
  • Invitation to explore feelings of loss to make you grow as a person
  • Invitation to nurture yourself carefully

Negative interpretations

  • Signs of insecurities on personal loss
  • Signs of costly compromise
  • Signs of sexual anxiety
  • Fear of becoming older

As I have told you earlier, I am not really into dream interpretation. But if you’re looking for one, I hope what I wrote helps.

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