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3 Wisdom Tooth Extraction Infection Symptoms

Some patients may experience infection after wisdom tooth extraction. The removal of this tooth can be quite tricky, especially because it doesn’t always grow straight up or down. Some people have a condition where the wisdom tooth (teeth) grows sideways, bumping on the next molar teeth. This condition is called impacted wisdom teeth; and your dentist may recommend surgery to remove it.

Just like other teeth extraction procedures, there are several risks that comes with the dental care service. The most common problems often found would be dry socket and/or infection in the exposed area of the tooth. In general the statistics numbers are in favor of the patient, since the risk of infection and dry socket is pretty low as long as you follow the tooth extraction aftercare guide from your dentist.

Unfortunately, the risk is higher in the case of wisdom tooth extraction. The reasonable cause for this increased risk is the location of the socket; which is at the furthest place inside your jawbone. This makes it a bit difficult for some patient to thoroughly clean the place. Usually there’s a blood clot after tooth removal that can help prevent further bleeding and infection; but in some cases it can be dislodged and some food particles may enter the empty socket, becoming the food for bacteria. These bacteria are the ones responsible for your infection.

3 Common Symptoms of Wisdom Tooth Extraction Infection

Usually there are three common symptoms of wisdom tooth removal infection, including:

Fever after the tooth extraction

During the recovery process, usually things are fine in the first and two days. The pain should still be there but they are supposed to be significantly weaker than the first day pain. Now if you are still feeling unusual pain and you also get a fever you may want to make an appointment with your dentist or dental surgeon. Getting a fever higher than 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit after tooth extraction is not normal, and it might be a symptom or sign that there’s an infection in that area.

Tenderness in the area

As we have said earlier, there is usually an unusual pain lingering in the exposed socket, and you can notice that there’s painful tenderness in that empty socket. This could also be a sign of an infection.

White-ish or Yellow-ish Discharge

It is normal that a few days after the procedure you will still notice some blood from the wisdom tooth extraction. However, infection may also cause some discharge in the area. Usually the discharge is not blood, but yellow or white discharge. Once it is leaked into your tongue you can really notice the bad smell or the bad taste of it.

Once you’ve visited your dentist and he or she confirms that there is indeed an infection in the empty wisdom tooth socket, they probably will prescribe antibiotics and some more pain killers to make you comfortable during the process.

So how about you? Have you ever had wisdom tooth extraction infection before? Share your experience in the comments section below. Don’t forget to read our golden rules on wisdom tooth extraction and recovery

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