7 Dental Schools in Arizona that offer Services with Affordable Prices

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7 Dental Schools in Arizona That Offer Services

Dental care can be something expensive especially when there is no insurance for the patients. Because of the thing, it turned out to be left behind compared to other health treatments. Besides, dental is important to be caring. There must be a solution when it is related to people on limited budget. The alternative is to come to dental schools in Arizona that offer services. You are not coming to study actually but come to get dental procedures and treatment.

People will get more affordable price or discount along with the same quality of services and options as offered in your favorite dental clinic. Here are the seven dental schools in Arizona that offer services. First is Mesa Community College Dental Hygiene Clinic. They also provide complete dental hygiene services in fewer fees like dental screenings, oral cancer screenings, x-rays, blood pressure screenings, fluoride treatment, and etcetera. Second comes to Bob & Renee Parsons dental clinic. It is an appropriate clinic especially for children 5-18 years old who lack of dental insurance or in case they do not qualify for the state assistance.


The services are include oral exams, sealants, fillings, extractions, x-rays, root canals, and emergency surgery as usually provided by dental schools in Arizona that offer services. You can find to I.G. Homes Branch at 1601 W. Sherman St., Phoenix, 85007. Third, there is A.T. Still University. Rather than regular dental clinic, it costs only about the half with a student dentist. This is one of dental schools in Arizona that offer dental implants beside there are also other for instance, prevention care, special care dentistry, general treatment, special/unique services, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and imaging capability. Fourth, it has Midwestern University Dental Institute.

High quality services can be provided by the students of dental schools in Arizona that offer services as they have been trained through the service. It is also supported by advanced technology and team of university faculty. The price is also about a half only. They even have three community clinics which are dental institute, eye institute, and the multispecialty clinics. Fifth, Arizona also has Rio Sallado Dental Clinic. People find it on 2250 W. 14th Street. It is located across the street from RSC Tempe every Monday to Friday. They offer dental cleanings with reduced price.

More in dental schools in Arizona that offer services, people go to Phoenix College Dental Hygiene Clinic. They will help the patient through services like medical history review, extra and intra oral examination, x-rays, blood pressure screening, selective polishing, conservative periodontal assessment and therapy, administration of local anesthetic, and dental sealants. To make an appointment in this one of dental schools in Arizona that offer dental care.

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