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Activated Charcoal to Whiten Teeth

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Can you use activated charcoal to whiten teeth? I think that everyone agree that healthy teeth with natural white color is one of the things you notice immediately in many attractive individuals. Let’s face it, before the famous Cristiano Ronaldo fixed his teeth, he didn’t get as much as attention as he is today (he wasn’t as rich as today too, though. But that’s not the point). A healthy and white set of teeth can really make someone looks more attractive, that is the fact.

There have been many natural ways to whiten teeth that has been introduced over the years. However, this is the first time we are discussing the efficacy of teeth whitening using charcoal.

There are some who are thoroughly convinced that the activated charcoal treatment would help a person to whiten their teeth, but there are more people who believe otherwise. Most people consider the charcoal as a mean to treat food poisoning. Moreover, the dark black color and its texture causes fear of staining teeth, which might be the cause of the scepticism.

Is it Possible to use Activated Charcoal to Whiten Teeth?

As we have mentioned earlier, typically the charcoal is used for treating food poisoning. Hence, it has the property that enables it to absorb toxins. It has been known since long time ago that the when it comes to poisoning (the ones that are orally taken), consuming activated charcoal will certainly help. A word of warning, however, poison is not the only thing that the charcoal absorbs. It can also absorb medication and vitamins, so it is wise to use it only in emergency.

The important question is: will it work? Can charcoal really help you whiten teeth?

Charcoal, when applied onto your teeth, they will do the same thing they’re good at: absorbing toxins and apparently, a degree of stains. Moreover, there are sources saying that the activated charcoal help changing the PH in your mouth, which can help killing bad bacteria and preventing cavities. Some people even use activated charcoal to remineralize their teeth.

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I think it is fairly obvious that during the application your mouth and teeth will look rather scary…  This might raise some worries, but the black charcoal will washes away after some rinsing.

According to people who have tried this method, the first time after applying this method they can immediately feel the clean and smooth effect caused by the charcoal. After further application for several weeks, the teeth look noticeably whiter. However, you can’t really expect that this method will provide whiter teeth as compared to the professional teeth whitening methods.

How to Use Activated Charcoal to Whiten Teeth

First of all, we recommend using the powdered version of the charcoal. Put the charcoal on your wet toothbrush. It would be wise if you can do this carefully and quickly, for charcoal stain on your sink is not something you want!

  • Brush gently for about 2 minutes in circular motion
  • Spit and rinse well

Easy, right? As always, we highly recommend you to consult your dentist before you try this method. Don’t forget to share your experience using activated charcoal to whiten teeth, okay!

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