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Affordable Low Income Dental Insurance Plans

Having a hard time finding affordable low income dental insurance plans? Dental care has always been expensive in United States, therefore you need some sort of plan to tackle the high price of dental care procedures. One of the methods is using dental insurance, which means that you will be charged monthly and then you are eligible for the benefits offered by the insurance plan.

That said, there are many low income families that simply cannot afford to pay the monthly premium of a dental insurance because they have barely enough money to pay for monthly bills etc. Therefore, we’ve decided to make a list of affordable options for you.

Low Income Dental Insurance Plans Options

Medicaid Insurance Plan

The first source of affordable dental coverage comes from Medicaid. As you know, Medicaid is a joint program between the Federal and the State government that provide health benefits for low income families, the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women and children.

Although it is true that recent policy change have put the dental benefit as an optional benefit that can be removed from each state’s Medicaid program, there are many state that still include dental benefit in their Medicaid program. Of course, the range of coverage differs in one state and another, but there are only a few states that really remove the dental benefit. To see the Medicaid’s policy, please contact the Medicaid office in your area and inquire about this matter.

Dental Discount Plan

One of the biggest drawback of dental insurance would be its waiting period. You won’t be able to claim the benefit right after you signed the contract. There are some waiting period which length differs for different procedures. For instance, routine checkup and cleaning has no waiting period, basic dental procedures requires 6 months of waiting period, and major dental procedures requires 12 months of waiting period.

If you are in a pinch and you really need to reduce the expense, we recommend searching for dental discount plan. It has no waiting period or the deductible. However, people using dental discount plan typically spend more for dental care than people using dental insurance (because obviously the discount is not as big as the dental coverage offered by dental insurance). On the positive side, you can enjoy the discount instantly. Just do a quick search on Google and look for the ones with good reputation.

Dental Associations

There are other alternatives than dental insurance to get an affordable dental care. The best place to look for such programs would be from your state’s dental association. They usually hold a good deal of information where you can find free or low cost dental care available for low income families. They may give you information about the location for available dental assistance programs, or perhaps they will inform you about dental school clinic in your state or neighboring states that provide free or low cost dental care for people with low income.

Whatever your choice is, you can always find help! We highly recommend you trying those affordable low income dental insurance plan alternatives we’ve mentioned above before you apply for a private dental insurance plan. You have to be certain that you can fulfill your responsibilities (paying the premium) consistently before you sign the dental insurance plan.

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