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Affordable Senior Dental Insurance Plans Tips

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Affordable senior dental insurance plan tips. Taking good care of your teeth is very important, especially when you have reached seniors age. If you are a senior citizen, you should already know that neglecting dental health care might result in higher probability of other worse conditions. However, one of the biggest obstacles is getting the money for good and affordable senior dental insurance plans.

Usually senior citizen have retired from their job, which means that the income is significantly lower compared to the days when they are active. There are indeed some senior dental insurance plans offered by many private dental insurance companies, but most of them are quite expensive. Meanwhile, there are some plans with affordable premium price, but they don’t cover dental procedures you need.

In recent years, senior citizen often rely on Medicare for dental care, but a few years back the government have cut the expenses and now the Medicare doesn’t cover dental procedures, except for regular tooth extraction. But I’m sure you know already that tooth extraction may cause discomfort because usually the other teeth will be affected too. However, we did manage to find a way for you to get affordable senior dental insurance plans.

AARP Senior Dental Insurance Plans

The American Association of Retired Person (AARP) is currently offering their AARP senior dental insurance plans. There are two types of dental insurance plans that they offer, namely the Delta Plan A and Delta Plan B. They are recommended by many retired seniors in many of the retired forums in United States. Check whether their PPO network reach your local area. You should immediately apply as one of their members as soon as you have reached your retirement age.

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The Delta Plan A covers 100% cost of preventive and diagnostic dental procedures, 80% cost of cleaning, denture repairing and denture relining, and 50% of more advanced dental procedures such as surgeries, root canals, and fillings. The maximum benefit you can claim each year is at $1,350. That number is pretty good, especially when you consider the advantages. Chances are, you will go to the dentist anyway.

On the other hand, the Delta Plan B has the same coverage, with lower premium price. The difference is the percentage of the cost coverage and the lower maximum benefit of $1,000. The Delta Plan B covers 80% of diagnostic and preventive care cost, and 50% of other advanced dental care costs.

Is there any other affordable senior dental insurance plans?

Well, first of all you have to be very picky and careful when choosing a dental insurance for seniors. There are many companies offering senior dental insurance but they may not have what you really need. It would be preferable if you can find affordable senior dental insurance plans that allow you to choose which benefits you need, and remove the unnecessary ones. For example, avoid senior dental insurance plans that cover orthodontics procedure such as braces. Choose the ones that list periodontics dental care instead.

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When you have decided to get a dental insurance, ALWAYS read the whole printed quote. Check whether they will benefit you in the right way or not. One more thing, remember to recheck whether the dentist office you’re about to visit is a part of the dental PPO network of your dental insurance. This way, you can save your money.

Our last recommendation is to get a dental insurance as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you need some major procedure such as root canal. You should realize that there are waiting period for most dental insurance out there. For major procedures like root canals and crowns, usually you have to wait for a year.

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