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Ameritas Dental Reviews

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SUMMARY: Our experts’ Ameritas Dental insurance review and they weigh the features offered, the pros and cons, and also the final verdict for this company’s dental insurance product.

As you know, dental care is darn expensive in United States. The cost of dental treatment can really hurt your wallet if you have to pay for them yourself. Therefore, it is important to have some kind of plan to tackle this problem. Dental insurance is often chosen among other type of plans. They are often provided by the employers, but there are some employers that don’t provide dental coverage too. Therefore, these people are searching for individual and family dental plans.

Ameritas Dental is one of the dental insurance companies in United States. What are people saying about this company? How about the Ameritas Dental reviews? Here’s our view upon this matter:

Ameritas Dental Review: Pros and Cons

Ameritas Dental certainly has some interesting features. The main highlights are:

Flexible Plan. As you know, most of the dental plan in US offers two regular cleanings and dental visits each year. Now if you happen to have a good oral teeth and good oral hygiene, you may be able to get cheaper dental plan with Ameritas by reducing the visit and cleaning to just once per year. It is also relatively affordable.

Dental Rewards Program. This is an excellent feature of the plan we don’t often see in other dental insurance. It’s basically a feature that allows you to accumulate the unclaimed benefit of this year and add them to the next year’s benefit. Therefore, if you don’t need major dental procedure such as root canal last year but unfortunately you have to have the root canal this year, the Ameritas dental insurance can cover more of the cost.

Overall, the plan is pretty interesting, especially for individuals with relatively healthy teeth.

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Now I know that the features sound great. But there are still other things you may want to consider. The first thing is the nature of dental insurance. Just like every other insurance plans, there is waiting periods. It is true that you can immediately enjoy the preventive procedures immediately (such as cleanings and checkups), but for basic and major dental services, there’s the waiting period. Typically you have to wait for six months for basic dental services, and you have to wait for 12 months for major dental services. Therefore, if you are searching for a dental insurance because you need an immediate treatment (such as impacted wisdom tooth removal or root canal), you should think about it carefully and properly read the coverage of this insurance.

There’s also a problem with the dentist network of the Ameritas Dental. They have 84,000 dentists on their network, which may sound a lot. Unfortunately, it is still far behind popular dental insurance such as MetLife or Delta Dental that has more than 300,000 dentists. Therefore it is important to research the available Ameritas dental providers in your area before you apply for the insurance. You can do so by using their website’s provider search

Ameritas Dental Insurance Review VERDICT

Here’s the summary of this insurance:

It has interesting features that can benefit individuals with relatively healthy teeth that looks for affordable and feature-rich plan. However, there’s still waiting periods and the network is not the biggest network available in the United States.

Overall, the final verdict for the Ameritas Dental review is 7.2 out of 10.

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