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Average Dental Assistant Salary in NC (North Carolina)

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Average Dental Assistant Salary in NC (North Carolina). As we have always mentioned about any job’s salary, the amount of annual salary is different from state to state. This time, we are going to focus on the average annual dental assistant salary in NC or North Carolina.

Being a dental assistant seems to be an easy task. However, one must be educate themselves about this profession and career before applying to be a dental assistant salary NC.

Being a dental assistant means that you should be ready to assist the staff at a dentist office, including the dental therapist, dental hygienist, and the dentist himself. You can also expect some deskwork like receiving the incoming patient and preparing them for oral examination.

Most of the dentist offices in North Carolina prefer applicants who have a certification from an accredited dental school. Therefore, if you are living in North Carolina State and you want to have a good dental assistant salary in NC, we suggest that you enroll in one of the eighteen accredited dental schools in the State. Some of the most famous schools for dental assistant in North Carolina are Coastal Carolina Community College, Cape Fear Community College, Central Carolina Community College, etc.

That said; there are actually no educational and experience requirements needed to be a dental assistant. You can actually start in this job early, and attending the required dental school program needed for certification at the same time. This might need some extra work, but it can be done. If you have become a certified dental assistant, you can apply to be a registered dental assistant will ensure a better salary.

The Average Dental Assistant Salary in NC (North Carolina)

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual dental assistant salary in NC is around $35,540. That said, this is a median average number. For the record, this number is several thousand higher compared to the national average salary for this profession. This means that around 50% of total dental assistants that earn more than the mentioned number, while the other 50% of total dental assistants earn less. The below 10% earns about $25,000, while the top 10% earns about $47,400.

The difference in the average dental assistant salary in NC is caused by three major factors, which include the location, education level and experience.

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Cities with Worst and Best Dental Assistant Salary in NC

There are some cities in NC that pays dental assistant salary below the national average salary. We are suggesting that you avoid these cities if you want to get a higher salary. According to our data, the Rocky Mount city has the average salary of $24,700, but some reports said that some dental assistants are paid as low as $21,830.

On the other hands, the cities that have the best average salary for this profession are Goldsboro and Raleigh-Cary area. The average dental assistant salaries in these two locations are $39,790 and $39,180, respectively.

The other two determining factors are the level of experience and the education level. While you can’t really improve your experience level instantly, you can have a better salary with better education level. Being a registered or certified dental assistant will definitely help increase dental assistant salary in NC.

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