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Average Dental Office Manager Salary in US

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In today’s post, we are discussing about the standard salary for dental office manager in United States, along with possible ways to increase that salary. But first, let’s take a short amount of time to learn more about the dental office manager jobs and responsibilities.

The Dental Office Manager Job Description

A dental office manager is responsible to create an efficient dental office. A dentist office has more than just dental care services. There are tons of paperwork needed to be done, for example, paperworks for people who have dental insurance, etc.

If this task is given to the dentist, dental hygienist, or a dental assistant, it would be hard to provide good service for the customers. A busy dentist office usually hire a dental office managers with respectable salary. The dental office manager job description involves offices staff management, supplies management, office cleanliness management, evaluating dental insurance plans, including dealing with both workers and patients.

How to Become a Dental Office Manager

The minimum educational requirement for a dental office manager is high school diploma or GED. Officially, there are no further requirements, but there are some other factors that can be added into the equation, in order to increase your chance in landing the job.

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Usually those who have experience are preferred, especially the ones related to customer handling, supplies, and management skills. You should also learn more about how the dentist office work before you walk in an interview. You can improve these skills by attending trainings available in your area.

Hourly and Annual Dental Office Manager Salary

Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics mentioned that the average annual wage of dental office manager is $77,900, with median average hourly salary of $37.89. Of course, this data is varied greatly, depending on three major factors that include the location, education level, and experience.

We are sure that you already know what to do to get better education level and experience. For example, you can take necessary trainings or offer your off-the-job-desc skills like Twitter marketing etc. For now, let’s focus on getting the best city for dental office manager job that offers the best salary.

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The states that has the highest dental office manager salary are California, Nevada, Washington, Connecticut and District of Columbia. Look forward for more detailed report on this.

Dental office manager salary is not bad at all. We do have to remind you that the salary number we presented may differ in real life. That number is a median average annual salary estimation. In reality, dental office manager starter may receive as low as $20 per hour, while the most experienced may be paid more than $50 as their hourly dental office manager salary.

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