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Awful Stench after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

In the previous post we’ve talked about the common causes for bad breath after wisdom tooth removal, and we also had a chance to talk about the bad taste that often follows the surgery procedure. This time, we will be focusing on some ways to overcome the problem.

As we have mentioned earlier, the smell might be caused by bacteria that feast on the rotten food remains in the exposed area where the wisdom tooth was located. The longer the food particle remains in that area, the amount of the bacteria causing the awful stench also increases. To make things worse, you may not be able to reach the area using the bristle of your toothbrush.

Bad Breath after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

So what’s the solution to overcome the awful smell? There are three options available for you to deal with bad breath after wisdom tooth extraction, and they are:

  1. Water Pick

Water pick is an excellent way for you to remove food remains after you eat. The empty socket of the wisdom tooth is hardly reachable using toothbrush or dental flosses, therefore many people decide to use toothpick instead. While it may be working for some, the toothpick is hard to use especially when the empty socket is located at the wisdom tooth area. Therefore, we always recommend you to buy water picks to flush out the food debris. It’s cheap and it’s a very safe device to use.

  1. Salt water or Antiseptic (NON-alcohol) mouthwashes

Right after you’ve had your wisdom tooth extraction your dentist may recommend you to rinse your mouth using salt water. This is also a way to ‘flush’ the food particles that remain in the wisdom tooth socket after you eat, although it is not as effective as water pick. If you want to get rid of the bacteria completely, you can also use antiseptic mouthwash. However, always choose the one that is made without alcohol. As we have mentioned in other post, alcohol in mouthwashes can delay your healing process after you’ve had an oral surgery for tooth extraction.

  1. Use Straw

Bacteria don’t solely eat on food particles. Sugar is one of their favorite menu, so you may want to reduce the amount of sugar in your drink. Sweet beverages can really boost the bacteria’s bad behavior in your mouth. Therefore, if you really can’t avoid drinking sweet beverages, always use straw to minimize the exposure of sugar on your teeth.

One thing you should remember is that bad breath may be present along with bad taste, blood or pain. If you experience these symptoms even after four days post surgery, you should immediately make an appointment with your dentist to know if there’s something wrong. Other more serious causes might be the problem, including dry socket, blood clots, etc. You should also consider meeting the dentist if the bad breath isn’t gone even after one or two weeks.

Hopefully this post can help you learn how to deal with bad breath after wisdom tooth extraction.

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