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Baby Dental Care: It’s THAT Easy!

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Baby Dental Care: It’s THAT Easy! Ensuring your baby to have a healthy mouth and dental is a good thing to do. It is also very easy, and you get to have bonding time with them. Today we’re going to talk about performing easy baby dental care at home.

Baby Dental Care While They are Toothless (0-6 months)

What you need to prepare are:

  • a sterilized warm water
  • a soft wet washcloth

When your baby’s teeth hasn’t pushed out yet, you can use this method to stimulate the growth and cleaning the gum at the same time. First, dip the soft wet washcloth into that warm water. Then you wrap that washcloth around your index finger.

Gently, wipe your baby’s gum. Do this twice a day. Remember, you don’t need to use toothpaste yet. Starting early baby dental care is a great idea because this will create a positive daily habit. Hopefully your baby won’t resist too much when it’s time to brush his/her teeth.

Baby Dental Care in 6 Month Babies

When your baby is around 6 months old, typically the teeth will start to grow and appear above the gum. Note that some may start to grow their teeth prior or after 6 months. It’s perfectly normal.

What you need to prepare are:

  • Baby toothbrush, especially the ones with a small head and a soft brush.
  • Fluoride toothpaste for babies.

First, make sure you have sterilize the toothbrush. Apply a very small amount of toothpaste (just a thin smear of it is sufficient, don’t overdo it). Gently brush both of the outside and inside of each tooth and tongue (optional). Rinsing is unnecessary, because not only you only apply a very small amount of it, usually toothpaste for babies are safe. Do this twice a day.

A small amount of fluoride is important to help your baby’s teeth healthy and strong. This active ingredient can also keep cavities away from your child.

TIP: remember to immediately replace toothbrush if you think that it’s worn out. Don’t wait too long.

TIP: remember not to give too much fluoride, because fluoride overdose may cause fluorosis when they grow up. Fluorosis is a condition where there’s white spots in teeth. Pediatric dentists and doctors don’t recommend the use of fluoride for babies under 6 months old.

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Dental Care for 1 Year Old Babies

A one year old baby can now be brought to the dentist. United States’ American Dental Association recommends parents to start checking their baby’s teeth condition when they have reached 1 year old.

Your pediatric dentist will check whether the teeth grows normally, and recommend the best diet for baby dental care. For example, he or she might recommend you to limit sweet foods in your baby’s diet. These foods are not necessarily sweets. Fruits, juices with added sugar, milk with added sugar, or peanut butter may cause early cavities.

Moreover, your pediatric dentist may also recommend you to avoid using starchy foods as snacks. Use them as meals.

I hope this post can give you some good information about the easy baby dental care for 0-6 months babies, 6-12 month babies, and 1 year old babies.

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