Bad Breath After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Are you having bad breath after wisdom tooth extraction? The awful smell after extraction (especially after wisdom tooth removal) is actually more common than you think. In this post we will discuss about the possible reasons and what you should do when you start notice there’s something stinks in your mouth after the surgery.

Cause for Bad Breath after Wisdom Tooth Removal

In most cases, bad breath is caused by the presence of bacteria. The risk of bad breath is increased as the surgery leaves a hole located in the previously present wisdom tooth. The extraction may involves some surgery procedure, therefore the patient may experience some pain and swelling after the removal. Usually it takes some time before the patient can use the mouth normally, since they have to wait for the recovery of the extraction area.

During this healing time, the combination factors of swelling and exposed area at the back of your mouth may cause some difficulties in brushing your teeth. This may cause some food debris and particles to get stuck in that area. This is the recipe for making the home for various bacteria. This can lead to the awful smell after wisdom tooth removal.

Other possible reasons may include some things that need medical attention. The bad breath can be caused by blood clots, dry socket or persistent bleeding.

Should you experience persistent bad breath after you remove your wisdom tooth, we recommend doing oral hygiene practices and brushing thoroughly (brush your tongue as well). After that, you may also want to rinse your mouth with warm salt water to remove the food particles left in the exposed area. REMEMBER: only rinse with warm salt water. Don’t rinse excessively and don’t use mouthwash because the alcohol in the mouthwash can disrupt your healing process.

Keep doing that while you wait until four days after the surgery. If you notice that the smell is still present you may want to get the dentist to check it for you, especially if you still feel unusual pain and strange taste in your mouth. It would be better that you make an appointment for follow up with the oral surgeon that helped you extracted your wisdom tooth. You should not be embarrassed to talk about it with your dentist, because believe it or not, it’s a common thing that happens in many people.

I sincerely hope that this post can help anyone out there that have bad breath problem after their wisdom tooth removal.