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Bad Breath Remedies For Babies and Kids

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It is always pleasant to play with your baby, but sometimes the fun can be a bit hindered by the baby bad breath. This may surprise you because in general many people think that babies should have a pleasing breath odor because they haven’t developed any teeth yet. However, this kind of case is not that rare, because there are hundreds of reports from mothers worrying about the bad breath of their babies asking for a home remedies for bad breath in babies.

Babies Bad Breath Causes

In most cases, the bad breath may be caused by morning breath. It’s a common condition in both adults and babies that happens after they sleep for a long period of time. When a baby sleep he or she may uses mouth breathing instead of nose breathing. This causes decrease in the saliva production, hence making the mouth dry. Dry mouth attracts bacteria and allows them to grow faster; making a bad breath often seen in the morning after you wake up called the morning breath.

Another common cause for bad breath in babies is the habit of thumb sucking or using pacifier. There are two reasons why it can cause bad breath. First, the habit also promotes dry mouth which creates an ideal environment for bacteria, and the second reason is that the compromised hygiene of the thumb or pacifier, especially when you can’t pay attention to your baby.

However, there are other possible causes of the bad smell depending on the level of foulness. In some cases, there may be sinusitis, throat or mouth infection, tonsillitis or other medical problems. If you think that your baby has an abnormal breath smell that occurs often, it would be best to visit a pediatrician or a pediatric dentist to confirm the cause. If your child has already developed teeth, then there’s also a chance that the bad breath is caused by cavities, abscess or tartar.

Bad Breath Remedies for Babies

There’s no special bad breath treatment for babies. There are, however, some very simple habits that will probably help.

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Before we continue, we would like to remind you that you shouldn’t give mouthwash to your baby or toddlers because mouthwash can only hid the problem and it is not made for younger consumers. You need to address and solve the problem properly.

First, you should encourage a proper oral hygiene. Clean the baby’s mouth (gum and teeth, if any) using a clean, damp soft cloth or special toothbrush made for babies in the morning and also before he or she goes to bed. For babies, it is best to clean it without toothpaste. You can teach them to brush using their own toothbrush and toothpaste after they are a bit older. You should also allow them to drink water after they drink milk to remove the residue.

Second, always make sure that your child has clean hand. Properly wash them and also properly sterilize the pacifiers or other toys that he or she may bite. It is also important to encourage them to stop the thumb sucking habit.

If the remedies for babies bad breath mentioned above don’t work, then it is recommended to contact your pediatric dentist or pediatrician for examination.

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