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Best Dental Financing Companies for Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dental financing companies. The days when dentists offer financing plan for their patients is almost over. More and more dentist offices now rely on dental financing companies, because it is less hassle. Of course, getting your dental financing from these companies is not the only way to pay your dental care. Therefore, before we get to talk about the best dental financing companies in United States, we are going to share several other payment options for you.

Our first recommendation would be using dental insurance. Unless you are aiming to have a cosmetic dental procedure like porcelain veneers or crowns, this would be your best option. Numerous insurance companies offer various types of dental insurance plan. Always remember to read the whole terms and condition before you agree to apply. Compare the features with your needs, and if they match, you can proceed to signing the plan. In general, there are three types of dental insurance in United States, which includes Dental PPO, Dental HMO, and Dental Indemnity Plan. All three have different approach, advantages and disadvantages. You can find more explanation about this matter in our other posts. Today we’re going to stick to the dental financing companies.

Another way to pay for your dental care is using your credit card. Although this seems to be the simplest solution of all, using your general credit card to finance dental care is not the best thing you can do. Dental care procedures are expensive, and when you use your credit card you instantly agree to owe. Always make prior calculations before you decide to use credit card. The same thing goes for getting a loan from your bank or a credit union.

Can I Trust Dental Financing Companies?

Today, more and more people need some minor, medium or thorough cosmetic dental procedure to enhance their look and increase their confidence. I am sure you’ve already know how important confidence in day to day life and in your professional career.

The current dental financing companies will provide you some financial loan for any dental treatments or procedures. This includes aesthetics and cosmetics dental procedures, including porcelain veneers, orthodontics, restorative procedures, dental implants, etc.

Best Dental Financing Companies

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There are several dental financing companies that may be able to assist you. Two of the biggest players in the field are Care Credit and Citi Health Card. Both come with several features, including low monthly payment plans, extended payment plans, and no teaser rates. These two companies is a good source for financing orthodontics or cosmetic dental care.

Here is the list of the best dental financing companies in United States:

  • Care Credit
  • Citi Health Card
  • iCare Financial Corp
  • Med Loan Finance
  • Henry Schein Medical Loan Finance

Having a cosmetic dental care might be a good idea for some, but you need to really calculate your financial condition to learn whether you can afford it or not. These are not dental grants; you have to pay the dental loan they give you. If you are unsure whether you can pay the monthly payment or not, you probably shouldn’t perform the cosmetic dental care for now. A simple rule of thumb my friend used to tell me is that “If you can’t afford paying double of the amount you should pay, then you can’t afford it”.

Share some comments about the best dental financing companies in United States below. We’d appreciate it if you can share your experience with these companies.

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