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Best Dental Insurance for Kids

Searching of dental insurance for kids is a bit different compared to searching for a regular dental insurance for adults. There are many options available out there, from Delta Dental, CIGNA, Gold Rule, etc. Which one should you choose? This post aim to provide you with some questions you need to ask before you buy a dental insurance for your children.

First, I would like to make a clear information on what’s considered as kids in dental insurance industry. A kid is someone who hasn’t reached their 18th birthday. It is also important to note that Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) offer dental health benefits for kids. So if you don’t think that you can afford a standalone dental insurance for your children, you may want to consider applying for CHIP or Medicaid account for your children.

Dental Insurance for Kids

Below are some of the questions you have to consider:

  • Can you and your kids choose which dentist you want to see?
  • Is there any dentist that accept the dental plan near your place? You don’t want to travel too far.
  • How much is the monthly premium cost?
  • With such cost, how much does the plan cover for basic dental procedures like routine visits, cleanings, x-rays and sealants?
  • With such cost, how much does the plan cover for intermediate dental procedures like root canals, fillings, gum disease treatment, or tooth extraction with surgery?
  • With such cost, how much does the insurance plan cover the major dental procedures? But usually children doesn’t have any serious problem, so you may want to loosely pay attention to this feature.
  • Is there any waiting period? Look for dental insurance for kids that doesn’t have one.

Those are just some simple questions you need to consider. One thing to remember is that the current federal government enforce a new rule which offer some dental benefit for your children. Under the ObamaCare or Affordable Care Act (ACA), dental insurance companies have to offer dental insurance for kids. You may find a family dental insurance that offer low-cost dental insurance for children as a part of their bundled plan.

You can always ask for help in deciding which dental insurance you should go to from your local Department of Health and Human Services. We hope this post help you and your search for the best dental insurance for kids!


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