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Blue Cross Dental Insurance Review

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Blue Cross dental insurance is one of the possible choices for people who care about their teeth in United States. As you may have known, dental care, especially emergency dental care services are expensive in this country. Usually, regular health insurance doesn’t cover dental care, especially the health insurance you got from your workplace. This fact leads to people neglecting their dental and oral health. Statistics showed that there are still many people who don’t visit their dentist for regular checkup last year.
After a careful examination of the Blue Cross dental insurance, we can assure you that this insurance may have what you’re looking for in a dental insurance company. In general, the insurance that is also known as the Dental Blue is relatively dependable, and it has a huge network of dentist and dentist offices to support its service.
Today’s post will talk about the Dental Blue insurance pros and advantages, along with their service coverage.

Blue Cross Dental Insurance Review – Pros

Perhaps the most useful advantage if the Blue Cross dental insurance is the dentist network. The company is working together with Blue Cross Blue Shield network, offering a big list of licensed dentist that you can choose from.
The premium is also reasonable and fairly affordable. Moreover, what we love about this dental insurance is the no-waiting period for its customers. This means that you can immediately use the benefits offered by the insurance as soon as the policy out. Of course, this does not apply for all services. For more information, read the service cover part below.
Depending on your dental insurance plan, you get good and quality services, including basic and major dental work. As we’ve said earlier, the benefit is depending on your premium, and the insurance cover always has terms and condition. Therefore, it is wise to confirm to the company about the advantages you will get. Some of the services they can cover are routine fillings, crowns, extraction, dentures, or even bridges. The insurance also cover free diagnostic, checkups, and preventive services twice a year.

Dental Blue Insurance Services Cover

  • Preventive Dental Care Services

The company covers 100% of the cost for preventive services, with no waiting period and no deductible. Services that are included in this category are dental checkups, dental cleanings, emergency oral exam, palliative emergency treatment, bitewing x-rays, pulp testing.
Some services has conditions, for example the space maintainers are covered for people up to 16 years of age, sealants are covered for people from 6 to 15 years of age, and annual fluoride cleaning is covered for people up to 18 years of age.

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  • Basic Dental Care Services

There’s a 6 months of waiting period for treatments that fall into this category. According to their site, the Blue Cross dental insurance will cover 60% of the total cost, while the other 40% is your responsibility. Although on the first glance it seems that it’s not beneficial for the customers, the portion paid by the dental insurance company is pretty standard in United States.
The treatments and services that are included in the basic dental services include:
• Simple Extraction
• Stainless Steel Crowns
• Routine Fillings
• Oral Surgery
• Endodontic

  • Major Dental Care Services

For major dental services, the Blue Cross dental insurance will cover 50% of the total cost. The services that are included in this category are porcelain crowns, dentures, bridges, periodontal maintenance, and gingival curettage.
Please do note that the amount of cost covered by the Bluecross Blueshield dental insurance may vary between states. The percentage of coverage may differ, because we received reports saying that the Dental Blue insurance cover about 80% of preventive dental care cost.

Blue Cross Dental Insurance Review

We have been reading a lot of reviews regarding the insurance company. In general, the Blue Cross dental insurance got a respectable reputation, with some complaints. Overall, people think that the Blue Cross dental insurance is good for people who are less likely to travel between States.

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