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Camilia Teething Review: Does it Work?

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The Boiron Camilia Teething drop is a product that aims to relieve teething on babies. It’s another competitor for similar product from Hylands and Humphreys, and just like the products from the two manufacturers, it is also believed that it can really help babies and toddlers with teething problems. In fact, in its official website Boiron claims that aside helping teething symptoms such as restlessness, pain, and irritability the Camilia can also help diarrhea.

But the real question is: does it work? You will see our personal Camilia teething review below. But please mind that this is based on our case only, and should not be taken too seriously (it’s not a clinical trial, so the result I get might differ from yours). We chose to try it because we’ve tried the cooled teething toys, but it only works for a while. It became hard especially during bedtime, so I really hope that this homeopathic can be a solution.

The Camilia Teething Ingredients

What makes the product different from Hyland? Well, it’s basically the active ingredient. Hyland and Humphreys use Belladona as one of its active ingredient. The FDA had once released a recall for Hyland’s teething tablets because there was no clear measurement on the amount of Belladona in the tablets (the recall now is no more, and Hyland products can be found again in your regular store shelves). For your information, Belladona is touted to have a bad effect on babies (when consumed excessively).

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Below are the ingredients of the product, based on its official website:

  • Chamomilla Vulgaris 9CH (Which is a German chamomile plant)
  • Phytolacca Decandra 5CH (Which is made from Poke Plant)
  • Rheum Officinale 5CH (Which is made from Chinese Rhubarb Plant)
  • Sterile Water
  • No sugar, colouring, and preservatives

As you can see, Camilia Teething Drops don’t use Belladona at all. Hence, I personally think that it is a safer option that offers little to no side effect.

Ease of Use

This product is available in the form of liquid units (1 ml each) instead of dissolvable tablets. It has a neutral taste, so it’s should be easy to use. The biggest challenge was actually come from my baby who seemed to be in discomfort, causing him to be fussy and couldn’t stay still. It took a bit of an effort, but we managed to put it there eventually. Some kids are calmer than others, of course.

Does it Work?

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After waiting while trying to calm our baby for a while, he was finally able to sleep comfortably.  We couldn’t be 100% sure whether he could sleep because it really worked; our baby was just too tired; or we just had a very good parenting skill¸ but we think that it’s a little bit of everything. So in short, the teething symptoms were successfully relieved, so it is potentially working. We didn’t notice any side effect, probably because the main ingredient is chamomile.

More Camilia Teething Reviews

Apparently there have been several moms posting about this product in various parenting forums such as Most of them had a good experience; although they can’t be 100% sure it’s because of the drops. Overall, the Camilia Teething reviews were good!

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