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Considering Encore Dental Plans? Read This First

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There are many reviews about encore dental plans, but which one is true? Here in greatlakesdentist we are trying to provide our reader an objective look, based on our knowledge. Encore Dental has been around for a while, and they have good reputation overall. This time we are going to discuss their dental plan and what they really offer for you.

The Encore Dental Plans – Explained

This company offers a discount when you visited an in-network dentist. This means that the dentist has agreed to cooperate with the dental insurance company, and they will provide a service with a discount, which amount depends on the plan you choose. There are three types of plans offered by this company.

Encore Dental Plan A and Plan B are the popular choice among people. Plan A provides you with better coverage than Plan B, but needless to say the Plan B is cheaper. Both provides a no-waiting period for preventive care, and you have to wait for a year before you can use the discount on basic and major dental services. What are the differences between Encore Dental Plan A and B? Have you ever consider their Plan 1-2-3?

Encore Dental Plan A

The Plan A gives you a $1,000 maximum annual benefit. However, since they only cover preventive care in the first year (they are free of cost, by the way), in the first year you will have to dig your own pocket if you need an immediate basic or major treatment such as root canal, crown, dentures, surgery, bridges, etc. This is by no means a rip off, because most of dental insurance plans in United States does have waiting periods for these kind of services. In fact, I’ve seen some other dental plans with longer waiting periods, to be honest.

Within the second year, you are eligible for 50% discount on various basic and major services. It is also worth noting that there is a deductible of $50 annually.

Encore Dental Plan B

The Plan B differs from Plan A because it provides a $850 maximum annual benefit instead of $1,000, and they do not provide free preventive care (you get 50% discount, though). You also have to wait for a year before you are eligible for discount in basic and major services (luckily the plan also provides a 50% discount, just like Plan A). The annual deductible is also set at $50 per year.

Encore Dental Plan 1-2-3

The Plan 1-2-3 is the flexible plan provided for people who are willing to make longer commitment. Just like Dental Plan A, during the first year you will get 100% coverage for preventive dental care. However, during the first year you also enjoy discount in basic dental care procedures (20%) and major dental care services (15%). This numbers increase every year. In second and third year, you get 40% and 80% discount on basic dental care, respectively. For major dental care, you get 30% (2nd year) and 50% (3rd year and beyond).

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What’s more, you also get an increasing annual benefit from $500 (1st year), $750 (2nd year), and $1,250 (3rd year and beyond).

Encore Dental Review Conclusion

Stonebridge (the company behind Encore) has been around for more than 40 years, and they have A excellent rating for the A.M. Best Company. Just like many other long-lasting companies out there, they are making their business with a fair calculation that is basically provides good value over money (as long as you are committed, of course).

I would like to stress the word “commitment” here. Please remember that you should purchase a dental insurance while your teeth are still in good condition. Dental care is costly in United States, and the $1,000 annual benefit won’t be enough for major dental care. However, it does help to reduce the financial burden.

Lastly, we also recommend you to talk to your regular dentist first whether he or she is a part of the Encore Dental network. Alternatively, you can go here and check if you can find an in-network dentist in your area or not. This is important because using out of network dentist will bill you a higher cost. See Encore FAQ here.


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