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Contemporary Dental Implants Centre Reviews and Complaints

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The Contemporary Dental Implant Centre reviews and complaints have been around for some time now. In today’s post we would like to share some of our readers’ opinion about the CDIC. But before that, let’s get to know with this New York-based dental implant center, shall we?

This dental clinic –as the name suggests– specialized in providing dental implants. Located near the New York Public Library, the clinic also offers various other dental care services such as teeth extraction and other sedation dentistry, laser dentistry, dental bridges, etc.

Perhaps one of the things that makes them popular is the free consultation. According to their ad, the dental clinic can provide free consultation via phone or walk in, but to make sure, you should make an appointment first.

Contemporary Dental Implant Centre Reviews

In general, the CDIC New York has a good reputation amongst New Yorkers. Most of the reviewers we’ve seen told us that they had a nice experience in the CDIC dental office. Here are some of them:

John Howe wrote:

“My colleague recommended this place, and I was satisfied. I’ve been wanting to have my first dental implants, but when I look around most of them gave me a $5000 to $7000 dental implant cost estimation. The total procedure at CDIC cost me about $3000, which I was very happy about. The dentists was professional and efficient. Because I was having my first implant, I was a bit surprised with that 2 weeks of discomfort at my socket, but apparently it was normal and it went away by itself. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve had a great experience in the Contemporary Dental Implant Centre.”

Meanwhile, Claudia Byrd said:

“They have a very competitive price. What’s more, they cut my expense too! The previous dentists I visited told me that I needed a bone transplant, and that cost a lot. In this clinic, I was told that it was unnecessary because they had two different sized implants that would be sufficient for my case. I ended up planting six dental implants in CDIC, and that cost less than the previous four implants I had in the previous dentist office”

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Stevie Win said

“I delayed taking care of my tooth for a long time. I finally needed to replace the tooth. The dentists at Contemporary Dental Took care of my tooth and I am no longer self conscious about my smile. I waited for too long. Don’t do the same.”

There are some Contemporary Dental Implant Centre complaints we heard of. Most of these complaints are about the front desk management. That said, the number of people that gives poor rating this dental office is far smaller than the number of people giving the CDIC excellent rating.

Based on these Contemporary Dental Implant Centre reviews, I think that you should try their service. You can contact the Contemporary Dental Implant Center by calling (212)888-4222 for further information about their services, cost, etc.


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