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Correcting Peg Lateral Incisors: Treatment Options

I bet most of you aren’t familiar with the term of peg lateral incisors. It’s basically a condition where your incisors are not aligned properly, which may lead to teeth gap etc. Wait, what is incisors? The incisors are the first four teeth located in our upper and lower jaw. When you smile, other people will probably judge you from these eight teeth.

At first, these incisors are made for cutting food, but as time goes by they act more as a jewel in our face. Let’s face it: people with bright white smile are always attractive (well at least they do for me). Therefore, I really understand the trouble one must felt if they have the peg lateral incisors. They may feel insecure and unattractive, although I personally think that medically there is nothing wrong with this condition.

Peg Lateral Incisors Treatment Options

There are three peg lateral incisors treatments that are usually performed in the United States, and they are:

Dental Bonding

This one cost about $100 to $400 per tooth, and with that price your dentist will be able to use composite resin to ‘correct’ the lateral incisors. In general, the method is good if you’re short on a budget, and you only need a minor change to your lateral incisors. This dental procedure can be performed in just one visit, which is relatively faster compared to other treatment. However, the composite resin used in this treatment is pretty prone to staining. Therefore, you may want to avoid food and beverages that can cause stains such as coffee, tea, alcohol or wine. It is also the least durable option, with just three years of durability.


If you have enough money, you should go for veneers instead of dental bonding. This cosmetic dentistry procedure will correct the peg lateral incisors using porcelain that has the same look as your real teeth. Veneers typically last for about 10 years. On the other hand, there may be some dental procedure that has to be done (depending on the current state of your jawbone and gum health) before your dentist can perform this method. It is also more expensive compared to the dental bonding, and since it is a cosmetic procedure most of the dental insurance in United States don’t cover it. Expect to spend about $600 to $1,500 per tooth.


If the cause of peg lateral incisor is baby tooth that didn’t fall off, replacing the small tooth with dentures may be the best possible solution. This way you can have a stronger tooth that looks exactly the same as your original tooth, but better. The cons is that this is the most expensive treatment for peg lateral incisors.

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