Dental Assistant Appreciation Week - Recognize and Celebrate!

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Dental Assistant Appreciation Week – Recognition Tips for Dentists

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Dental assistant appreciation week – Dental assistant, which is often called dental nurse plays a very important role in a dentist office. The dental assistant appreciation week, which is also known as the dental assistant recognition week (DARW) is a great time for dentists around United States and the whole world to appreciate and thank these professionals for their efforts.

The DARW is always held in the first week of March. In 2014, the dental assistant recognition week were held at March 2-8, with “Embracing the Changes of the Profession” as its main theme. How about dental assistant appreciation week 2015?

According to the American Dental Association’s schedule, the Dental Assistant Appreciation Week 2015 will be held during March 1-7, 2015. Up until this post is written, we still haven’t been able to confirm the DARW 2015 theme.

But one thing for sure, each year there are various activities held during the week, including educational events, charity events, etc. As the employer, there are several ways that the dentist can contribute during the dental assistant appreciation week.

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The first thing to do is to remind yourself that a dental assistant is a vital team player in a dentist office. They have skills to ensure quality treatment for the patients, and also to reduce the dentist’s workload. Some of the things that a registered dental assistant can handle are managing radiographs, side chair assistance, independent intra oral treatments, dealing with infection control protocols, etc.

Dental Assistant Recognition Week

In psychology, positive encouragement is a good thing. Dentists who appreciate and recognize the work of the dental assistants can boost their morals, which leads to better performance and ultimately will create a great working environment in your office. Below are some of the tips dentists can do to show their recognition towards dental assistant profession:

Dental Assistant Appreciation Week Tips for Dentist

  1. Add simple decorations in your office during the DARW

It doesn’t have to be expensive. Simple things like balloons or flowers are often enough. It would be even better if you can download this year’s dental assistant appreciation week poster from the ADA website and hang them in the front office.

  1. Say thanks, personally

During the week, make sure you spare a little bit of time with every dental assistant working in your office. Express your gratitude and how you appreciate what they do. This kind of personal gratitude will boost their morale, and hopefully will encourage them to work even better in the future. Moreover, the personal thanking during the dental assistant recognition week will show that you genuinely appreciate their work.

  1. Celebrate!
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You can also celebrate the DARW by making a small celebration after work. Confetti, cakes, or even pizza for lunch is enough. Have a good laugh together and make sure you mention that they are very important for the office.

  1. Presents

Tangible presents is also a good way to wrap things up. Just spend a small amount of money to buy the dental assistant(s) small presents. One of the best present for dental assistants during the dental assistant appreciation week is to give them gift cards.

Remember, happy dental assistant means better performance!

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