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Dental Assistant Jobs MA (Massachusetts)

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Dental assistant jobs in Massachusetts. There are a lot of job opportunities in Massachusetts, and one of the most promising is dental assistant. This career choice becomes increasingly popular, due to its positive job outlook and the average annual salary. Let’s go on further on the details about dental assistant jobs in MA.

Requirements for Dental Assistant Jobs MA

First, let’s talk about the requirements needed for one to be eligible as a dental assistant. You see, the law of Massachusetts stated that everyone who is planning to be a dental assistant MA should complete an accredited dental assisting program. This accreditation is given by the Massachusetts’ Commission on Dental Accreditation.
The MA area is a bit strict about the education requirement for dental assistant. In some other states, there are no laws mentioning the minimum education level. If you ask me, I’d say that the MA government is doing their best to ensure the quality of the service for the customers. It’s a good thing.

Therefore, if you want to get dental assistant jobs MA you need to prepare your career course, starting by completing the dental assistant program. It is VERY important to check whether the program is accredited or not. The accredited schools and programs are spread across the United States. However, if you live in Massachusetts area you can find many accredited program in this State.

The dental assistant schools in MA are available from various sources, including vocational schools, universities, technical institutes, or community college. Typical dental assisting program length is about nine to eleven months, with certificate after completion.

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Another restriction is MA area is the use of radiography machines. The MA laws stated that a dental assistant can only operate radiography machines after they graduate from the radiological techniques and safety examination. They should also perform the task under direct supervision of a dentist.

If this is not your thing, you can change it by applying to become an FTDA, which stands for Massachusetts Formally Trained Dental Assistant or an EFDA, which stands for Massachusetts Expanded Function Dental Assistant. Being an EFDA means that you are legally allowed to operate radiography machines with general supervision, while being an FTDA means that you are legally allowed to operate the machines in solo.

Dental Assistant Salary in MA

So how much does a dental assistant make in Massachusetts? What does the dental assistant jobs MA offer? Before we go to the numbers, let’s talk about the things that affect the amount of annual salary for a dental assistant in MA.

  • The better education level you have, the better your salary. As we have mentioned earlier, Massachusetts really have a high standard for a dental assistant.
  • Another thing that affects a dental assistant salary in MA is experience in this line of work. This is a no brainer, because in any job, the more experienced you are the higher you are paid.
  • The last thing that can affect dental assistant salary in MA is the location. There are some locations that pay more than the other. Here are further details:

The highest median salary for a dental assistant is available at Framingham, Lowell and Taunton areas. The best chance landing dental assistant jobs in MA are at Boston, Taunton, and Framingham. These three cities have the lowest percentage of dental assistant jobs. The hardest places to get a job are Barnstable, Brockton, and Lawrence.

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Now let’s go to the numbers. According to a recent data from the BLS, the average annual dental assistant salary in Massachusetts is at $38,800. This number is around $4,300 higher compared to the national average salary of dental assistant in United States.
As you can see from our description, dental assistant jobs MA are growing, and the average salary is better than most states.

Information about dental assistant jobs MA can be retrieved from Craigslist, and below we have listed five main region of Massachusetts. Note that we take this list straight from Craigslist, and it is updated daily!

Dental assistant jobs in Boston MA

  • Dental Assistant Northshore
  • Dental Assistant – Part Time (North Shore)
  • Dental Assistant (Metrowest)
  • Dental Assistant (Merrimack Valley)

Dental assistant jobs in Western Massachusetts

  • Dental Clinical Assistant (Amherst)
  • Administrative Assistant / Receptionist (Greenfield, MA)
  • Experienced Licensed Dental Assistant (Worcester/Millbury)
  • Experienced Dental Assistant-FT (Auburn/Millbury)

Dental assistant jobs in Worcester MA (and Central MA)

  • Office Assistant (Westborough)
  • Dental Assistant – Monday through Thursday (Acton, MA)
  • Executive Assistant (Holliston, MA)
  • Dental Assistant (Northboro, MA)
  • Dental Clinic Staff Assistant (Shrewsbury, MA)

Dental assistant jobs in South Coast, MA

  • Dental Assistant (Fall River. MA)
  • Secondary Assistant (Lakeville Area)
  • Electrical Service Division Assistant (Westport)
  • Assistant Residential House Manager ** Up to $1000 Sign on Bonus** (Easton)
  • Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) (Taunton/Fall River)

Dental assistant jobs in Cape Rod and Islands MA

  • Medical Assistant (Yarmouth, MA)
  • 99 Restaurants – Restaurant & Kitchen Managers – Join Our Team! (Yarmouth)
  • Experienced CNA's wanted for per diem shifts on the Cape (Cape Cod, Mass)
  • 99 Restaurants – Restaurant Manager & Kitchen Manager (Falmouth)
  • CNA at Luxury Assisted Living (Brewster)

There you go. I hope this post can help you finding the best dental assistant jobs MA you’re looking for.


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