Dental Assistant Resume Skills List and Examples

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Dental Assistant Resume Skills List and Examples

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List of dental assistant resume skills is very important when you want to apply for a dental assistant job with a perfect resume or curriculum vitae. That is precisely why we are here today to provide you with these list and examples of DA skills that you can put inside the qualification part your resume.

There are basically two types of skills that you can list. First is the intangible skills (soft skills), and the second one is the tangible skills (hard skills). The most significant skills needed to be placed in the resume is the hard skills of the DA.

Dental Assistant Resume Skills

Before we continue, it is worth to note that you can alter or modify the content of the skills listed below, as long as you still get the point.

  1. Have complete understanding and knowledge about dental procedures
  2. Have the capability to schedule appointments and follow ups
  3. Have the capability to developing and mounting x-rays
  4. Able to understand the required protocols during dental procedures
  5. Able to make sure the dental instruments are sterilized and prepared
  6. Able to set up dental trays and tests
  7. Splendidly able to perform chair-side dental assisting, with complete understanding of all the required dental tools.
  8. Have the capability to interpret and update patient’s medical record data
  9. Have meticulous understanding on how to prepare invoices and receipts
  10. Able to provide oral health education for community
  11. Have proper knowledge and ability to perform emergency care for patients

Those are the list of dental resume skills you can use in your curriculum vitae. Meanwhile, you can put some of the soft skills in your dental assistant cover letter. As we have mentioned earlier during our dental assistant cover letter sample post, the cover letter is an excellent place to provide your potential soft skills.

Here are some of the soft dental assistant resume skills:

  1. Meticulous and hard worker
  2. Have compassionate nature, because you are working with patient
  3. Good communication skills in both written and verbal skills.
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Remember, you should stay true to yourself. Be honest about things you do and don’t know. Honesty is a very important thing in every line of work, including in dental assistant career. This list of skills would be even better if you can provide a proof that you have certification etc about them.

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