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Dental Crown Procedure Benefits (Advantages VS Disadvantages)

What are the dental crown procedure benefits or advantages? How about their disadvantages? This post will provide everything you need to know about the dental procedure.

Dental crown is the ideal way to deal with dental flaws such as misshapen teeth or chipped teeth. They have also been proved as a good solution to provide support for damaged teeth. In United States, dental crown is used by many people who want to make their smile looks better. In general, dental crown is considered as a cosmetic dental procedure, so some dental insurance may not cover the cost.

Dental Crown Procedure Benefits and Advantages

The dental care procedure offers several benefits, which are very attractive for most people. These benefits and advantages of dental crown procedure are:

  1. Restoring the tooth after root canal
  2. Can act as a glue that connect broken tooth pieces together
  3. As an anchor to dental bridge
  4. Fill the tooth gap that is damaged by tooth decay
  5. Cover dental implant or other cosmetic purposes

Dental Crown Procedure Disadvantages and Risks

While it is true that the dental crown procedure is widely considered as a safe treatment that has high efficacy, there are several risk factors that you should consider. Some of the dental crown procedure risks include infection, tooth decay, allergic reaction, poor bite, and shifting of the crown. In general the risk is very low, but we always recommend you to search for a reputable dentist with a good track record of providing dental crown procedure. This way you can minimize the risk.

Some of the common side effect of dental crown procedure includes teeth sensitivity, slight discomfort and tender gum. It is important to remember that the side effect should be temporary, so if you’re feeling prolonged pain or discomfort in your teeth after the procedure you should contact your dentist as soon as possible.

Of course, dental crown procedure is pricey, so I guess that is the biggest disadvantage of this procedure. There are indeed several ways you can cover this, and we’ve talked about it in our previous post. Share comments about the dental crown procedure benefits, advantages, risks and disadvantages below!

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