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Dental Crown Procedure: Do I Need One?

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Hello! It’s been a few days since I update the post. Today we’re going to give you some 101 things about dental crown procedure, especially to answer people asking: do I need dental crown? How many visit to the dentist needed? Is it good?

Do I Need Dental Crown?

There are four different materials that can be used to make a dental crown. The decision in using which type of crown should be discussed and made by consulting to the dentist. Some are cheaper than the others, but each of them has pros and cons. (we’ll continue this discussion in our other post in the future). Your dentist will explain the pros and cons and give you a recommendation after considering your teeth condition. Dental crown can be quite costly, so the dentist is probably going to consider that factor too.

There are several reasons why after examining your teeth condition the dentist may recommend placing a dental crown, including:

  • There’s a weak, cracked, or broken tooth
  • Restoring the tooth with extreme damage
  • Covering dental implants or tooth that has been treated with root canal procedure
  • There’s a discolored or misshaped tooth with severe condition

How Many Visits Needed?

Typically for a complete dental crown procedure, you need two visits to the dental clinic. The first visit usually starts with a standard examination and then the dentist will check if the tooth you want to place a crown on is strong enough to support a crown. There are two possibilities here, first is that the tooth is ready and the dentist will filing it down, and the second is that the tooth is too damaged and the dentist will add the volume of the tooth. After this is done the dentist will consider the size of the crown by measuring the tooth and the nearby teeth using impression. You should be going home after the dentist place a temporary crown.

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During the waiting period, the dentist will give the measurement and impression to a dental laboratory technician, who will then create the custom sized crown for you. After it is ready you will be notified to visit the dentist again. The second appointment is pretty simple and straightforward. The dentist will remove the temporary crown, replace it with the custom sized crown and then apply a special adhesive to ensure the crown don’t move around.

I hope this short explanation in dental crown procedure can help you understand the whole process. Of course, since it is a medical procedure there bound to be some dental crown risk, although it is very rare. Share comments under and tell us your experience, it would be such an honor.

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