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Dental Crown Procedure: Which Type of Crown is For You?

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We’ve talked a lot about dental crown today! In our previous post we have shared information about the details on dental crown procedure and also the risk involved in this procedure. This time we are obliged to provide some additional information too. Therefore, as promised, we have collected information on the types of crown available throughout the kingdom.

Types of Dental Crown

Dental crown procedure currently has five types of crown, including ceramic or porcelain fused to metal dental crown, resin dental crown, porcelain dental crown, pressed ceramic crown, and metal crown. Each of the crowns has its own advantages and weaknesses. Observe:

Resin Dental Crown

Often used as a temporary dental crown, a resin dental crown is the most affordable type of crown. However, the quality is far behind the others because it will wear down over time and have more chance in breaking. We cannot recommend you to use this as your permanent crown.

Metal Crown

The toughest, most bad-ass crown. It is extremely durable and the dentist only needs to file down your tooth a bit (much less than other crown). Unfortunately, it is not as good looking as the other crown.

Since this is metal, the color of the crown would be dark and a bit unsightly if you use them for your front teeth. Many dentist recommend on using this crown for the molars that doesn’t appear when you smile.

Porcelain fused to Metal Dental Crown

In order to get the hardness of the metal crown yet the look of a natural tooth, the porcelain fused to metal dental crown was invented. It’s basically a metal crown with a porcelain cap to hide the color. It is a bit more expensive than the metal crown, but at least you get a natural color. A drawback of this crown is that sometimes the porcelain doesn’t do a decent job in hiding the color of the metal, resulting in a dark line.

Porcelain Dental Crown

The porcelain dental crown has the best look, but unfortunately it is not as durable as the porcelain fused to metal dental crown. Typically this is used for front teeth due to its aesthetics and cosmetic properties. The drawbacks of this crown are the price and also the possibility of the porcelain to wear down the opposite teeth.

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Pressed Ceramic Crowns

Currently, the best performing and looking crown would be the pressed ceramic crown. Just like the metal crown, this one also has a hard inner core that can really protect your tooth. The durability is also very good. However, it is the most expensive option so not everyone can afford it.

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