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Dental Grants for Adults

Dental grants for adults. It is often that adults who don’t have dental insurance are struggling to when something bad happened to their teeth or gums. Dental insurance, according to the recent BLS data comparison result, is actually cheap compared to everyday expenses. Especially for those who have more than $50,000 as their annual income.

But we do understand that some of you think that the money could be used for other things that are more urgent, because we’re parents too. However, neglecting your regular visit and dental checkups will take its toll someday.

You know how expensive dental care is nowadays. That is why today we’re going to talk about some ways to get dental grants for adults. If you don’t need an emergency dental care, then may be this information will help.

Please do note that most of the grants are only available for those with financial need. In general, families with more than $50,000 annual income are not included, but we do still encourage you to try getting the dental grants for adults if you really don’t have a dental insurance or dental discount plan.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Grants

This is an indirect grants coming from Blue Cross Blue Shield. The grant money is distributed to many community clinics, including dental clinics so that they can give free / cheap dental care. Contact your BCBS office in your local area to learn about the possibility to find a free dental clinic near you.

Grant for Veterans

Veteran senior citizens may get an indirect dental grants for adults in the form of free dental care through the Veterans Health Administration. There are some criteria to be fulfilled so that veteran adults or seniors are eligible for this free dental care. Eligible individuals will receive free basic to advanced dental care. Contact the nearest Veteran Health Administration office near your local area to learn about the possibility.

Cosmetic Dentistry Grant Program

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Getting a cosmetic dental grants for adults can be difficult, but now there’s the cosmetic dentistry grant program. You must’ve known that cosmetic dentistry is expensive, and most dental insurances don’t cover them. However, the cosmetic dentistry grant program provides a possibility for you. The cosmetic dental grants for adults offered are up to $20,000.  We’ve talked about this extensively in our cosmetic dentistry grant program review. Check it out and see whether this program suits your need.

State-based Dental Grants for Adults

Aside of these dental grants for adults that are provided by national communities and the government, there are other grants provided by your local State government. For example, in California there’s CDA Foundation Grant, which give a dental grant for people with no insurance or Medicaid. There are two important places to look for.

First is Dental Association office in your State, while the second one is the Department of Health in your State. Ask about the possible dental grants for adults and the requirement needed. In general, the grants are available for those who have financial need, don’t have Medicaid and dental insurance.



  1. scott krueger

    September 8, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    i have 4 teeth that need crowns and root canal

    • scott krueger

      September 8, 2016 at 4:18 pm

      i have 4 teeth that need crowns and root canals, can i get a grant

      • Lisa Parker

        September 9, 2016 at 2:29 pm

        Hello Scott. I am very sorry to hear that. Up until now we still haven’t found any individual grant for crowns and root canals. In fact, individual dental grant is currently unavailable in United States (to our knowledge). However, there are some other options, including:
        1. Getting help from families and local communities (such as churches, etc), they may be able to help a bit
        2. You can ‘exchange’ your service with the dentist. For example, someone who is working as a plumber might negotiate with the dentist to offer their service in exchange for lower fees. It all depends on your negotiation skills.
        3. This is pretty radical, but going abroad to get your teeth’s done is actually much more affordable than having the procedure in the States. Countries like India, Mexico, Indonesia, etc are known for their low medical cost.
        4. Ask your state’s Dental Association about the possibility of a dental charity event.

        Up until today we cannot find any specific dental grants made available for individuals. I hope that help.

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