WAIT! Can you Get Dental Grants to Get Teeth Fixed?

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Dental Grants to Get Teeth Fixed

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Are there any dental grants to get teeth fixed? This is a common question asked by many people, especially those who come from a low income family that can’t afford buying a dental insurance. It is true that having a dental insurance will save you from spending thousands of dollars when you need to get treatment for your teeth, but sometimes it is hard for low income people to spare even $20 per month for each of the family member for the dental insurance’s monthly premium.

On the other hands, even getting routine dental checkups are considered expensive for some.  This makes a lot of people with bad credit, low income or poor prefer to abandon their oral health. They only do minimum effort to take care of their teeth, such as brushing. If this is done properly, added with tooth flossing then they can reduce the risk of getting tooth decay. That said, it is a common knowledge that people tend to neglect their oral hygiene routine and eat sugary foods. When their teeth do need to be fixed, they face the high cost of the dental care. After facing such huge bills, some might try to find dental insurance, but unfortunately most of the dental insurance plans have waiting periods for major procedures.

What about dental grants to get teeth fixed?

Grants are, in general, made available for low income people. Therefore it is only natural that people who are living below the standard think that there is such grant. Unfortunately, the fact is that there are almost no direct dental grants for individuals available from the government.

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But don’t be sad, because there is still help. In reality there are still dental grants available, it’s just that they are not a direct grant. The money is allocated to fund health programs such as the Medicare and Medicaid.

It is a fact that the federal government has made an alteration to their policy related to the Medicare and Medicaid. Under the new policy, dental benefits are no longer supported as a necessary feature for adults. Luckily, children up to 18 years of age are still eligible for the Medicaid dental program.

That being said, there are still many states that include dental benefits in their Medicaid adult program. Needless to say, there are various differences in the application for this feature.  Some offer minimum benefits, while other offer extensive dental benefit, which may include getting your teeth fixed. Therefore, eligible citizen should participate in their state’s Medicaid program, and then they should contact the Medicaid office to learn about the benefits. Just go to the Social Security Administration office or the Department of Health and Human Services to get the application form.

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As we have said earlier, dental grants for individuals are unlikely, but you can still benefit from super low cost dental care or sometimes even free dental care from your state’s dental associations. Usually they have an annual charity program that can assist people from low income families. Make a call to the organization and ask about the requirements.

I hope this post can answer your question on getting dental grants to get teeth fixed.

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