Dental Implant Scam Warning

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Dental Implant Scam Warning

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Dental Implant Scam – Dental implants is a common procedure now. This procedure has become the standard treatment for tooth replacement. A huge number of people have taken advantage for dental implants. This time we would like to talk about dental implant marketing, which sometimes can be misleading; or worse, be a scam.

Because the increasing popularity of dental implants, many dental offices start to advertise their services on newspaper. You can see various offerings, with various sweet words like ‘teeth in a day’ or ‘one hour dental implant’, ‘no pain, no bleeding implant’, or even ‘free implant with crown purchase’.

While they are interesting and appealing, you should be careful of falling to a misleading advertisement.

Dental Implant Marketing Scam

We’re going to discuss one of the most popular ad, claiming that the implant would be $1,000; and abutment and crown for $950, successful placement guaranteed. What you need to note is that the cost mentioned in the advertisement does not include the cost of labors and extra materials needed for the procedure.

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If we consider the implant placement-related cost, prosthetic-related cost, administrative cost, labs and office cost, staff and marketing cost, impression cost, etc; it is nearly impossible to achieve such low price as advertised. In United States, it is VERY hard to maintain the same level of quality when the money is simply not enough.

The dentist office offering this kind of service may have to reduce the quality of the materials so that they can still earns some benefit from the low price dental implant deals. Some of the common practices we found are:

1. Using generic implants that cost MUCH less than quality implants, which also comes with higher risk of complications like infections, bone loss, or non-bony healing.

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2. Using generic abutments, which is also less than the recommended custom abutments.

3. Reuse the implant drills that may have reduced sharpness.

4. Use lower quality labs; which may have less precision and accuracy. Precision and accuracy is crucial in the dental implant process.

5. The implant and crown are placed by the same dentist, but did you know that implant placement and crown fabrication require different disciplines? We hardly knew any dentist who are able to master both.

‘One Hour Dental Implants’ and ‘Teeth-in-a-Day’

This means that you get the new teeth in just one day of treatment. Although it does sound convenient, trying to successfully pull the whole procedure (teeth extraction, implant placement, making fit crowns or dentures) have a big risk of complications.

‘No Pain, No Bleeding Implant’

This sounds possible, and scientifically it is. However, the additional cost would be pretty high. Usually for such procedure we need additional $800 to $1,000.

There are many other things that you may think like a good dental implant deals. It is absolutely important to be careful when choosing your dentist office based on the advertisement. If possible, ask around for reviews to learn about the dentists office quality.

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