Dental Implants Gone Wrong Images (with Symptoms)

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Dental Implants Gone Wrong Images (with Symptoms)

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Dental implants gone wrong can be caused by several possible reasons. In general, dental implants are safe procedure and the risk of problems is very low. That said, there is always risk involved in this procedure, just like in any other health treatment procedures. According to the American Associations of Endodontics ( the success rate of the dental implant procedure is well beyond 95%. Their study have shown that there are only two out of 129 case observed had a dental implant failure. That means in the study there is a 98.4% success rate for the procedure.

The problems found in dental implants are often related to the common risk factors such as:

Smoking, this is one of the most obvious causes of implant problems. I think we don’t have to explain that smoking destroys your teeth and any implants you have. It stains both of your teeth and your implants, and since the tar in cigarette is bad news for your teeth.

Improper treatment planning and execution, for example the dentist forces on the implant when there’s not enough healthy bone to support the implant.

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Fracture of the titanium screw or the bridge denture, which can be caused by excessive shock to the jaw (for example a car accident). That is why you need to choose a good implant (which is obviously rather expensive, but worth it).

Rejection of the implant, which means that the body doesn’t accept the metal implant. Usually the symptoms of this case is infection around the implants.

Dental Implants Failure Symptoms

Implant surgery complications. Since it is a surgical procedure, there are several risks that follow, for example short term pain, bruising and swelling. Long term possible and rare side effect of the dental implant surgery is bone infection or nerve damage.

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Below are some of the signs and symptoms of dental implants gone wrong:

  • Inflammation that occur on the gum surrounding the implant
  • Bad taste or smell
  • Pain in the gum area where the dental implant is placed
  • Wobbly dentures or false tooth

We highly recommend you to contact your dentist immediately should you experience any of these problems.

Having a dental implant requires a commitment. If you really want your new tooth / teeth to last you should avoid smoking and live a healthy lifestyle. We always recommend dental implant as the last resort to save your teeth’s appearance, because root canal procedure is often a cheaper and need less maintenance than dental implant procedure.

Dental Implants Gone Wrong Images

Below are some dental implants gone wrong pictures you may want to look:




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