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Dental Insurance Cost VS Everyday Expenses Comparison Chart

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Dental insurance cost VS everyday expenses comparison chart. Today we’ve found an interesting chart. It’s basically answered all of our questions about a dental insurance cost VS everyday expenses in our life. Most people think that a dental insurance is expensive. We say that it’s relative. You can actually found a lot of good options if you carefully examine all of the dental insurance provided in United States.

Of course, some of the dental insurance are overpriced, but there are others that have great offers. In this chart, the dental insurance cost is compared against many other everyday expenses that we spent each months. Hopefully this chart will open your eyes and you can finally realize that a dental insurance is not that expensive, especially because your oral and dental health  is a necessity.

Oral and dental health is very important for your look, because bad dental health may cause a bad smile and bad breath that will interfere your day to day life. You know what they say, these days looks is very important, and the way you smile is important. Moreover, oral and dental health is closely related to other health condition. By maintaining your dental health you can avoid other more serious health problems. The dental insurance cost VS everyday expenses chart compares dental insurance cost to your mobile services cost, recreational travel, pets expenses, apparel and footwear, entertainment, eating out, dry cleaning and laundry services, holiday gifts, and even soft drinks.

Infographics: Dental Insurance Cost VS Everyday Expenses

The data of the chart is based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The dental insurance cost is based on a rate for a 40 year old woman living in the State of Texas. Needless to say, the cost of a dental insurance plan may vary, depending on your preferred dental insurance company, the State you are in, your gender, your age, your habit (smoking or not, drinking alcohol or not, etc). The dental insurance cost is set at $165, which is around $310 cheaper compared to your cost of laundry and dry cleaning services cost. Meanwhile, if we compared the dental insurance cost VS holiday gifts, the dental insurance cost is $595 cheaper. Take a look into the table below for exact differences between them:

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VS Dental Insurance Cost
Dental Insurance Cost $165,00 $-
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Cost $475,00 $310,00
Holiday Gifts Cost $750,00 $585,00
Mobile Services Cost $790,00 $625,00
Soft Drinks Cost $850,00 $685,00
Pets (Cats) $1.183,00 $1.018,00
Recreational Travel $1.370,00 $1.205,00
Pets (Dogs) $1.542,00 $1.377,00
Apparel and Footwear $1.700,00 $1.535,00
Eating Out $2.820,00 $2.655,00
Entertainment $3.090,00 $2.925,00

So as you can see, dental insurance cost is almost nothing compared to our everyday expenses. Here’s more infographics related to this dental insurance cost VS everyday expenses: Just click on the image above to get better view of this dental insurance cost VS everyday expenses.

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