Dental Insurance Good or Bad? Things that You SHOULD Know

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Dental Insurance Good or Bad? Things that You SHOULD Know

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Dental insurance Good or Bad? You may have fed up already by our insist recommendation on having a dental insurance. Therefore we are going to be fair and square, and we will explain the good and the bad side of dental insurance. First we will list the dental insurance pros and good sides, and then we will also list the dental insurance cons and bad sides.

Of course, we are talking about dental insurance in general manners. There are many dental insurance companies in United States. All comes with different offers and dental plans. Some may provide good deal, but some other may not.

Dental Insurance Good or Bad – Our Honest Opinion

Here are the list of dental insurance pros and good sides:

  • The dental insurance will cover accident or emergency dental care. This emergency dental care could cost you quite a fortune. In general, all of the dental insurance companies cover emergency and accidental dental care.
  • Some dental insurance have no upper age limit, which is a good thing for senior citizens. An example of a good dental insurance for senior citizens is the one from AARP.
  • Most of the dental plan gives free diagnostic and preventive care. Depending on your plan, the dental insurance may cover most of the cost for advanced dental treatments.
  • Flexible way of premium payment. You can choose monthly or annually payment, depending on your financial condition. Some companies offer a flexible preferred dentist option.
  • There’s a cover for oral cancer, even though it is limited to one time only.

Meanwhile, here are things that may cause you to think buying a dental insurance is a bad idea:

  • Depending on your dental insurance plan, you may not be eligible for 100% cover for private dental care treatment. Some only cover 55% or 50% of the total cost at the private dental treatment.
  • Usually the dental insurance has waiting time for some procedures. Again, depending on your plan, your waiting time could be as short as 1 month or as long as 6 months. The waiting period means that any treatments performed during that time won’t be covered.
  • The cancer cover is in void if you already had an oral cancer.
  • If you are close to NHS care and have no problems with your teeth, and you take good care of them then you can rethink your plan to purchase a dental insurance.
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So what do you think about it now? Is dental insurance good or bad?

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