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Dental Insurance No Waiting Period for Root Canal

Dental insurance no waiting period for root canal. There are many cases where people neglect their dental health care to save a few bucks, but then faced with a condition that needs major procedure like root canal and have to pay a huge amount of money. It becomes even harder for them because finding dental insurance company that covers pre existing conditions is a bit hard. Even if there are some dental insurance plans that make that exception, there are no dental insurance no waiting period for root canal.

Root canal is considered as a major dental procedure, and the most common waiting period for this in every dental insurance we know of is 12 months (1 year). That being said, there is actually one type of dental insurance with no waiting period for root canal or other major procedures. This type of dental insurance is usually the most expensive of all, and because of that, they have the best possible options. The dental insurance plan even acknowledges pre existing condition.

This type of dental insurance plan is called the Direct Reimbursement dental plan. Some of the advantages of this plan are:

  • Choose any provider or dentist you want
  • No deductibles
  • No need for pre-authorization
  • No hidden cost
  • No waiting period
  • Accept pre existing conditions.

The only downside of the Direct Reimbursement dental plan is that it’s not available for individuals. In general, the employer provides the Direct Reimbursement dental plans for their employee. Of course, this usually happens in huge companies, and it is a common knowledge that employees in strategic positions may be given this Direct Reimbursement dental plan.

Alternatives to Dental Insurance No Waiting Period for Root Canal

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The question remains is: what if I don’t have the Direct Reimbursement dental plan? How can I afford root canal with no insurance? There are several possible alternatives to dental insurance no waiting period for root canal. By using these methods, you may be able to get reduced dental care for your root canal treatment:

  1. Using Discount Dental Plan

Discount dental plan is a good way to reduce your dental care cost. The cost is between $5 to $12 per month, and you get no waiting period, no annual maximum and no deductibles. However, the amount of the discount may not be as big as expected. Moreover, currently there are no State law that regulate this, so if there’s anything goes wrong, you have nowhere to come to. You should also be very selective in choosing the right discount dental plan, because there have been some reports of scamming. Make sure you pick the reputable dental discount plan provider.

  1. Using Fee for Service Discount Plan

The cost is between $7 and $20 per month. Just like the regular discount dental plan, you got no annual maximum, no waiting periods, and no deductible needed. This one have a clear dental office providers list, so make sure you check the list and ensure that they listed the ones that near your place. The root canal discount isn’t as big compared to your regular dental insurance, but it is definitely better than paying it on your own.

It is often that root canal is an emergency dental care, which is why we have posted about how to get emergency dental care with no insurance. Hopefully you can get a glimpse of hope, even though currently there are no dental insurance no waiting period for root canal.

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