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Dental Insurance that Covers Implant

Is there any dental insurance plan that covers dental implant? If you’re wondering about this, then we assume that you are well informed that dental implant is one of the most expensive dental treatments. I know a lot of people who assigned for a dental insurance plan while believing that the plan will cover the entire cost of dental implant. Is there such dental plan available in the US?

Dental Insurance that Covers Implant

Typically, a proper dental implant procedure contains several other procedures that have to be done depending on the patient’s condition. There are five of them, to be exact. These procedures include:

  1. Tooth extraction to remove the rest of the damaged tooth that can’t be saved
  2. Bone graft to preserve the jaw bone and prepare it for the implant
  3. Dental implant placement (the implant is made out of titanium, screwed into the jawbone using dental surgery). Then there will be a period of waiting time so that the implant is integrated with the bone.
  4. Once the implant is ready, the abutment is placed so that the crown can grip the implant firmly.
  5. Lastly, the placement of the crown.

Out of those five procedures, most of the major dental insurance companies treats them individually, which means that some are covered and some are not.

For starters, tooth extraction is considered as basic procedure; meaning that most of the PPO plan out there will cover 80% of the cost. Unfortunately, we haven’t found a dental insurance plan that cover bone grafting that is related to dental implant. So you’re going to have to pay for this one yourself.

Now onto the main menu: the implant. Typically dental insurance plan don’t cover for implants. Even if they do, they put it under the MAJOR procedure. This means that the implant procedure has 1-2 years of waiting period and the company will cover 50% of the cost (as long as it doesn’t exceed your annual benefit). The abutment is typically not covered, but some plans do cover 50% of the cost.

Now the crown itself is a source of debate, even amongst the dental insurance enthusiasts. Some dental insurance cover those, while some others don’t. If covered, the crown is included under MAJOR procedure (covered 50%). Should you decide to use a temporary tooth, this also falls under the MAJOR procedure (this one is typically covered by most dental insurance).

Note that since dental implant procedure cost is typically beyond your dental insurance’s yearly benefit (which is somewhere around $1,000 to $2,000 depending on the plan you’ve taken), it is important to match the timing for this procedure. It is best to consult your dentist and ask about the time required for each of the procedure we’ve mentioned above.

If you have already purchased a dental insurance, make sure to learn about the benefits you’re getting. If you are currently planning to get one to reduce your dental implant cost, you should check out major dental insurance companies such as Humana, Delta Dental, Cigna, Metlife, etc. Usually they do provide coverage for dental implants and its related procedures. However, you should remember that dental implants are subject of annual benefit. Therefore you need to have a proper planning and consideration.

Hopefully through this post you understand more and find the dental insurance that covers dental implant!

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