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Dental Offices That Accept Medi Cal – Health Net Dental Plan to Enroll

Both medical and dental treatment can be covered at once by finding the best dental offices that accept medi cal as offered by Health Net Dental. It is not difficult to enroll it and to be their choice for dental offices that accept medi cal near me. As people know, it is California’s Medicaid health program that is intended for people with low income. It covers not only adults but also children, senior, people with disabilities, pregnant women, and foster care.

Dental offices that accept medi cal: What it offers

It can cover most people to be eligible to enroll the program. In the dental offices that accept medi cal, people with mental health can get mental health services too as long as they are the members. They just need to find the contact and make an appointment to find the proper service. As part of California’s Department of Health Care Services, people can ask question and request for application by calling at 1-800-327-0502 or Health Care Options at 1-800-430-4263.

In these dental offices that accept medical, they will cover many benefits for the patients. There are access to specialists for adults and children, comfortable and quality dental offices and services; case managers to guide the members in case of health and dental care, large network of culturally diverse dentists, preventive care with no additional fees for joining the program. The preventive care in dental offices that accept medi cal usually covers activities such as regular checkups, fillings, x-rays, cleanings, and consultations.

The question that is coming is about eligible person in specific. In this case, the Health Net Dental has provided it in the site. It is only available for Sacramento and Los Angeles residents, person having no-cost medi-cal, someone intends to switch from current medi-cal managed plan, and someone who intends to switch from free-service dental care or denti-cal. You can be eligible to enroll the plan and go to dental offices that accepts medi cal. For LA and Sacramento people, visit the website on

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