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Dental Plans Careington – Care 500 and POS Plan Reviews

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Summary: In this dental plans Careington review, you will learn about the different dental plans offered by the company, along with their features and benefits. We will also provide comparison between each of the plan, with standard dental care procedure cost you would have to pay without any dental insurance or dental discount plan.

As we have told you in earlier post, Careington offers dental discount plan. This is NOT a dental insurance, hence you should NOT treat it like one. This plan is never intended to replace the function of dental insurance. In our best opinion, having a dental insurance is the most ideal condition. However, if you really can’t afford to pay the premium, you may try this discount plan. At least it is much better than having to take all the financial burden for your dental care on your own.

Dental Plans Careington – Care 500 VS POS Plan

After a short investigation, we found out that currently Careington under their dental and vision program has two dental plans, namely the Careington Care 500 Plan and Careington POS plan. The difference between the Careington Care 500 VS Careington POS plan is the price and the discount amount you’ll receive.

Dental Plans Careington Cost

There are two ways to pay for the plan, monthly and yearly. For Careington POS plan, the current cost for the dental plans are

  • Individual Careington POS Plan – $6.95 monthly or $75.06 yearly
  • 2 Persons Careington POS Plan – $11.95 monthly or $129.06 yearly
  • Family Careington POS Plan – $15.95 monthly or $172.26 yearly

For Careington Care 500 plan, the cost for the dental plans are:

  • Individual Careington Care 500 Plan – $7.95 monthly or $85.86 yearly
  • 2 Persons Careington Care 500 Plan – $12.95 monthly or $139,86 yearly
  • Family Careington Care 500 Plan – $17.95 monthly or $193.86 yearly

Note that there will be a one time $20 processing fee invoice included in your first payment for each of the plan.

The family Careington discount plan also includes parents, adult children or anyone in living in your household. Another benefit of the dental plans from Careington is that they come with free vision care!

In general, the dental discount plans from Careington can help you with your dental procedures, from minor to major procedures. Usually the discount is between 20% and 50% for exams, root canals, cleanings, crowns, dentures, etc. If you are treated by a specialist, this plan can also save you 20%.

Oh, and because this is a discount plan, there are several advantages compared to the regular dental insurance. Perhaps two of the most important advantages are:

  1. Pre-existing conditions are accepted
  2. No waiting period

Careington Dental Plans Comparison

We have prepared a nice little comparison between the expected expense if you pay the dental procedures on your own VS using Careington POS dental plan VS using Careington Care 500:

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Common Dental Care Procedures Standard Price Careington POS Dental Plans Careington Care 500 Dental Plans
Oral Exam $54 $25 $15
Full Mouth X-Ray $140 $73 $43
Cleaning $97 $50 $31
Filling (amalgam, 1 surface) $156 $65 $43
Porcelain Crown (ADA Code 2752) $1135 $585 $483
Root Canal (ADA Code 3310) $799 $377 $294
Complete Upper or Lower Denture $1850 $814 $643
Simple Extraction (ADA Code 7140) $188 $83 $55
The table is based on the National Dental Advisory Service Comprehensive Fee Report last year
The dental plans careington fees above is for Fort Worth, Texas area. For Florida or other states, please refer to the official site
The fee shown in the table is for general dentists. The fees may differ from each state to state.

Things to Consider before Applying for Careington Dental Plans

Careington does not pay providers directly, therefore due to such system, you may find that there may be different discount rate in different providers. Moreover, not all of the providers are doing an honest job on giving you the discount rate.

Therefore, to save more you should somewhat ‘negotiate’ with your dentist. Use the available fee schedule to see your dental cost for certain dental procedures before visiting the dentist. Make sure that the price they give you is in line with the Careington fee schedule.

Remember, you have the rights for the discounted price. All of the dentist in the Careington providers list have agreed by contract to charge on the fees listed on the fee schedule. Keeping the dental plans Careington fee schedule is very important to control your dental care expenses. Visit the official site of the Careington dental to see the list of participating providers in your area. Alternatively, you can make a call to (800)290-0523.

Dental Plans Careington Reviews

In general, Careington offers one of the best dental discount plan in United States. They have gained a lot of positive reviews. However, there are several negative reviews and complaints, but I think that the complaints is not about how the Careington works, but rather on how the dentists are so money oriented and unprofessional.


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