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Dental Plans in Washington State

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Dental plans in Washington State – There are several types of insurance available in this State, including dental insurance and plans. Most people living in New York got their dental coverage from their employers. Usually the employers provide several health benefits for the employee and its dependents. In that sense, it means that you don’t really have the luxury on choosing the best dental plans in Washington State area.

However, if you are planning to get your own dental insurance plan, there are several things you should ask to yourself. These questions are important so that you can avoid regretting your decision on buying a particular dental insurance or dental discount plans from a provider.

The most important question to ask is whether you really understand the dental plan’s costs, benefits and exclusion. ALWAYS read the policy carefully before you sign them.

You should also learn about their dentist network. We always recommend to ask your favorite dentist whether they are registered as dental plan’s network  provider or not. I personally choose the dental plan and insurance which my dentist is included in the dental provider network.

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Another important thing to ask is whether you will need major dental work or not. Typically, dental insurance has the best cover for major dental work. However, you need to consider the waiting period. In general, major dental works have 1 year of waiting period. On the other hands, the discount dental plans have no waiting period, but it doesn’t cover as much as dental insurance. Bottom line is, you need to carefully plan your timeline when it comes to major dental procedures.

You should also consider whether you regularly visit the dentist or not. We recommend you to see a dentist before you decide to choose between the standard dental insurance plan or the discount dental plan. Your dentist will help you to determine the state and the health of your teeth, and then you can ask him/her opinion of whether you should choose insurance or discount plan. The dentist will consider the general health of your teeth and the waiting period of the insurance.

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Last but not least, you should do a little bit of calculation to compare whether it is cheaper to pay dental services with or without dental insurance/discount plan. There are some people who have good financial management that are able to gather around some money to pay for specific procedures themselves based on careful calculation and estimation.

Individual and/or Family Dental Plans in Washington State

Below are the list of dental insurance companies offering their products in Washington area:

  • Delta Dental of Washington
  • Dentegra (AARP members)
  • Humana
  • LifeMap Assurance Company
  • Dental Health Services
  • Willamette Dental
  • Starmount Life
  • Regence BlueShield
  • UnitedHealthOne Dental Insurance Plan

You can see their contact number at the end of this post.

Getting Cheap or Free Dental Care in Washington State

What if I can’t afford dental insurance? This question is more common than you think. There are several ways for you to find cheap or even free dental care in Washington State area.

Pediatric Dental Care in Washington

The first common source is Medicaid. However, the current standard Medicaid plan doesn’t cover dental procedures for people over 19 years of age. That said, the federal health insurance plan is a great option for your children.

There are other children-focused free dental care available in Washington Area. For example, the ABCD program aims for additional dental benefits for children under the age of six whose eligible for the Medicaid. Look around your local area in Washington state for information about ABCD certified dentists.

The Apple Health for Kids is a WA program that covers general health and dental health for children. You can get referrals for pediatric dental clinics and programs from the Family Health Hotline. See our reference below for more information.

There’s also the Center for Pediatric Dentistry a.k.a. CPD. It is the result of joint effort from Seattle Children’s organization and University of Washington. Through this program, your children can get cheap specialty dental care. They also accept Medicaid.

Cheap Dental Care for Adults in Washington

The next place to search for cheap or free dental care in Washington State is to call the Washington Information Network by calling 211. They will provide information regarding the dental care center around your local area based on the ZIP code.

WA Free Clinic Association is a good place to look for affordable dental care. This non-profit organization is filled with volunteered dentists that can provide good dental care for those who have no dental insurance, no matter what age.

You can also ask for information about free or cheap dental care in Washington State from SHIBA. SHIBA stands for the Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors. You can call them to learn about everything related to health care, including affordable dental care access. SHIBA is a great place to look for unbiased opinion about dental care and dental insurance. You can even compare insurance plans there.

The next source of affordable dental care in WA area is from college dental care programs. There are many dental care programs available. See our reference for some of the list.


Dental Insurance Contact Numbers

  1. Delta Dental of Washington 800-554-1907
  2. Humana 877-877-1051
  3. Regence BlueShield 888-344-8234
  4. Starmount Life 888-729-5433
  5. AFLAC 800-992-3522
  6. Dentegra (AARP members) 866-261-4275
  7. LifeMap Assurance Company 800-794-5390
  8. Dental Health Services 800-248-8108
  9. Willamette Dental 855-433-6825, option #3
  10. UnitedHealthOne Dental Insurance Plan 800-944-4699

Cheap or Free Dental Care in Washington State:

  • Center of Pediatric Dental 206-543-5800
  • Apple Health for Kids 1-800-322-2588 or
  • SHIBA – 1-800-562-6900
  • Free Clinics of SW Washington – Clark County (
  • IDEA Clinic – Spokane County (
  • Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access – Whatcom County (
  • Project Access Northwest – King, Snohomish and Kitsap counties (
  • Union Gospel Mission – Seattle, Olympia, Yakima (

College Dental Programs

  • Seattle Central Community College – Seattle (
  • Clark College – Vancouver (
  • Columbia Basin College – Pasco (
  • South Puget Sound Community College – Olympia (
  • Pierce College – Tacoma (
  • Lake Washington Institute fo Technololgy – Kirkland (
  • Eastern Washington University – Cheney (
  • Shoreline Community College – Seattle (

I honestly hope this list of Dental Plans in Washington State can help you understand more about your option.

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