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Dry Socket after Tooth Extraction

Dry socket after tooth removal is something you definitely want to avoid. Although the occurrence of dry socket is pretty low (around 2 to 5 percent of the total population of people having their tooth extracted), it is wise to learn about this condition beforehand so that you know what to avoid and how to prevent it.

Tooth extraction procedure remove the tooth and right after the dental care procedure there will be a socket left by the removed tooth. Under normal healing process, there should be blood clot that protects the bone and nerves after the removal. This blood clot is also an important step allowing the bone to form and close the socket.

Dry socket is started by the failure of blood clot. The failure is usually caused by dislodged position of the clot which then allows food, air, saliva, etc to enter the socket, allowing bacteria to live there and may cause throbbing pain and bad breath. This makes the healing process is disturbed. Below are some of the symptoms that indicate that you may have dry socket.

Dry Socket after Tooth Extraction Symptoms:

  • Dull and throbbing pain occurs in the exposed socket after about two days post tooth extraction procedure.
  • Bad breath and bad taste in mouth
  • Visible dry looking opening in the exposed socket

If you suspect that you have dry socket, we highly recommend you to make another appointment with your dentist so that he or she can examine the socket for you with proper tool. If there is any food debris stuck in there, they should be able to remove them safely and efficiently. After that it is common that the dentist will apply medicated paste that will should be removed and applied every few days.

Pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicine may be prescribed. Should there be any infection occur, the dentist will also prescribe antibiotics.


It is easy to answer how to prevent dry socket after tooth extraction. Basically you just have to do everything your dentist recommend, including having a good oral hygiene habits, rinsing mouth with salt water after eating, avoiding touching the wound, eating soft foods for a few days, stop smoking at least for about 24 hours after the procedure and avoiding things with lots of sugar in it (such as carbonated drinks).

I hope this post can provide you with reliable information related to dry socket and tooth removal. Share comments under and let’s start the discussion!

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