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EDP Dental Plan Review in New York

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EDP Dental Plan Review in New York. EDP stands for the Eastern Dental Plan, but most of the Newyorkers are more familiar with the EDP Dental Plan. Today we have collected some EDP dental plan review for you, so hopefully you can get the idea of how the plan works for you, and how much should you save for each year.

The first thing you need to know is that the EDP dental plan is not a dental insurance. It is a discounted dental plan, providing many advantages for its costumers for a price.

EDP Dental Plan Review – The Premium

There are several EDP plans available, and we are going to give you the complete list of it. First, there is a $19 registration fee and you need to have a one year commitment. Below is the list of EDP dental plan ‘premium’ for individual, couple, and family plan:

1. Annual EDP Dental Plan Cost

The annual EDP dental plan cost for individual is at $99 per year. Meanwhile, EDP also provides couple plan and family plan, each comes with $179 and $199 per year, respectively.

2. Monthly EDP Dental Plan Cost

The monthly EDP Dental Plan Cost for individual discount plan is at $10 per month. Couples discount plan is priced at $18 per month, and families discount plan is priced at $20 per month.

Note: You can add RX/Vision benefit to your plan, with only $7 per month.

Honest EDP Dental Plan Review and Complaints

First of all, I should mention that there are many other discount dental plan out there. Most of them offer lower premium compared to the EDP dental plan reviewed here. It is often that the other discount dental plans cost only $6-$8 a month.

That being said, what makes the EDP Dental Plan is one of the best discount dental plan in United States (especially in New York) is that the plan is straightforward and honest. The list of discounted procedures and the percentage of the cost covered is clear.

Here is the table showing the EDP Dental Plan cost per dental care procedure:

ADA Code Procedures Average Fee You Pay You Save
1110 Adult Cleaning $90 $29 70%
274 Bitewings – Four Films $80 $28 65%
1120 Child Cleaning $75 $25 66%
210 Full Mouth X-Rays $140 $39 75%
150 In Depth Check-Up $90 $19 79%
330 Panoramic Film $120 $34 77%
2750 Porcelain Crown $995 $495 49%
3310 Root Canal – Anterior $600 $279 65%
3320 Root Canal – Bicuspid $800 $345 61%
3330 Root Canal – Molar $900 $459 51%
120 Routine 6 Month Check-up $60 $9 85%
1351 Sealant Per Tooth $50 $18 64%
2110 Silver Filling $110 $35 77%
7140 Single Tooth Extraction $150 $55 63%
5110 Upper Denture $1245 $575 55%
2330 White Filling $155 $52 66%

Note: Other dental service procedures not on the list is covered 25%, which is a very good number compared to many other discount plan that only cover 10% of the cost. This is very important to remember, because many people posting EDP dental plan complaints because they are unaware of the rule.

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Another benefit from EDP Dental Plan in New York is the absence of waiting period and deductible cost. Just like other top dental discount plan in NY, the EDP dental plan offers immediate coverage after you sign up.

We had a very good experience with EDP dental plan NY. The cost may be a bit higher compared to other dental discount plan, but we really appreciate their honesty in running the business.

Last but not least, you should check the cost of the dental service you need prior to appointment to make sure you know how much you will spend.

We rate this EDP dental plan review 5 star. Worth the price, highly recommended dental plan in NY.

Here is the EDP Main Office address, along with its contact number:

517 Route 111, Hauppauge, NY 11788
(631) 272-5230
Fax: 631-272-5231

We hope that this New York’s EDP dental plan review can help you understand more about this discount plan.

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