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Expert Tips on How to Get a Dental Hygiene Job

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I have some people I know enrolling in a dental hygiene schools, and some of them are already asking about how to find a dental hygiene job in the current economy. said that this profession is one of the top 10 jobs with great job outlook. That number is quite promising, especially after you learn about the average dental hygienist salary.

FYI, the median salary of this profession is somewhere around $70,000; which is pretty well above the minimum wage in United States. This median salary means that fifty percent of the dental hygienists in US receive more than 70 grand; while the other fifty percent earned less than that.

How to Get Dental Hygiene Jobs

Now with these statistical numbers, it is only natural that more and more people are seriously considering starting their career as dental hygienist. Statistically speaking, the job growth of this profession is much higher than the average profession in the US. However, some people have already saying that it’s getting a lot harder for a dental hygienist to find a job. Is it true that dental hygiene jobs are hard to get?

The answer to that question would be yes and no. There seem to be many dental hygienist students who think that by getting a degree is already sufficient to score a job. Unfortunately, the real life is not as forgiving. Many dental offices prefer dental hygienist with experience, even for fresh graduates.

Therefore, in order to land dental hygiene jobs you have to increase your value. We notice that in this field of work networking is extremely important, and the only way to get it is to dip yourself into work, even before you graduate as a dental hygienist. You can start working in a dental office for any job they offer. This might not be the best source of income, but it is a great opportunity to widen your horizon. You get to know about how the dental office work, and do some networking with the dentist and the other staff working there. You can take this experience as an opportunity to soft sell yourself. You can also start to get to know with people in the American Dental Hygienist Association which is also a great way to increase your networking skills.

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The increase of awareness of preventive dental care is supporting the growth of this profession. There will be more and more dental hygienist jobs available from dental offices as this awareness grow. What’s more, there are other places that might add dental hygienist in their team, including medical clinics, emergency rooms, etc. There are even offices specifically provide preventive dental care from registered dental hygienists.

I guess that is all for now, you can learn more about how long it takes to become a dental hygienist in other post. We sincerely hope that this post can help anyone out there searching for ways on how to score a dental hygiene job in US.

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