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Expert’s Tips on Dental Grants in California

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There are several options if you’re looking for California dental grants. I think it I don’t have to explain anymore about the dental care cost in United States. It is very expensive, even for the routine dental check up. Moreover, most of the jobs in United States don’t offer dental insurance coverage. Instead, they only cover the regular health insurance.

Although we always recommend you to buy dental insurance, it is undoubtedly that not everyone can afford sparing some money for the monthly premium, especially if that person comes from a low income family. Just like any other grants available in the United States, the dental grants are commonly given for those who are underserved or have financial need.

You should also remember that the dental grants are not solely given for dental care procedures. There are several other types of grants, which include the grants for dental education etc. Which one suits your need? Here’s  the list of possible dental grants opportunities in the California State:

Dental Grants in California

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The best bet to search for a California dental grant is from the California Dental Association. This reputable association has done a tremendous job in helping people living in California to have proper dental care and dental education. Currently there are four dental grant program offered by the CDA, which include:

CDA Foundation Grant

The CDA Foundation has collected money from generous people and distribute them for those who are in need, which are usually uninsured people from low income family. The grant award amount can reach up to $25,000. Note that cosmetic dentistry is not included.

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Crowns for Kids Grant

The CDA’s Crowns for Kids grant is available to help uninsured children to get proper dental care for their condition. Note that this program work together with the Federal’s MediCaid program, so make sure you contact the CDA to get proper information about this.

Student Loan Repayment Grant

Most of the college students in United States use student loan to finance their higher education. However, it is often that it comes with high interest rate, and you may be struggling to do the student loan repayment. This $35,000 worth grant is available for those who agree to work with the underserved after graduation.

Dental Materials and Supplies Grant

Last but not least, there’s this program that gives grants in the form of dental care and supplies to nonprofit organizations.

Other Dental Grants California Sources

There are several other notable dental grants available from various foundations in United States. These grants is available for people across the United States, which also include California people. They are the Samuel Harris Fund Grant, ADA’s Give Kids a Smile Program, and Access to Care Grants.

Which one suitable for your need? I hope this post can answer your question on how to find California dental grants.

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