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Free Dentures for the Poor Secrets!

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Getting free dentures for the poor is possible, if you know where to look. Denture procedure, just like many other dental care procedure is quite expensive, and not everybody can afford them, especially people with financial need.

It is true that there are several ways for you to finance your denture procedure, such as using dental insurance, dental discount plan, or simply in-office financing. However, poor families often don’t have any leftover money to spare on getting themselves health insurances, let alone dental insurance.

For your information, the denture cost varies greatly depending on the quality it offers. There are also other possible cost you may have to consider. For example, the cost of pre-treatment for the denture, which may include X-Rays and tooth extraction.

For example, high-end dentures can cost around $2,000 to $3,000 per tooth; mid-range dentures cost between $500 and $1,500; and the cheapest denture option costs between $300 and $500.  Needless to say, the more expensive the denture, the better look and durability it offers. The cheapest denture that cost you $300 to $500 comes with standard fit, which means that it may not fit your teeth perfectly. Moreover, it looks artificial and has the least durability. But then again, it is good enough for some.

Free Dentures for the Poor

To get free dentures, the poor should really know where to seek for help. The first and probably best bet to get this dental care for free is trough the a Federal program called the MedicAid. I know that there are some news recently stating that the Federal government has removed the dental benefits from the MedicAid program, but that is not necessarily true.

There are two reasoning behind this. First, the current Federal policy for MedicAid program still offers full dental coverage for children under 19 years of age. This means that if your kid has some teeth problem, you may still be able to use the MedicAid to cover the cost.

Second, each of the state’s policy may have some differences compared to the Federal government. For example, people living in one state may have better dental coverage from MedicAid compared to those who are living in other states. In other words, the dental benefits of MedicAid offered in each state may differ from one another. There are some states that give you a limited benefit (for example, preventive coverage ONLY), while other states may give you full dental benefit from MedicAid (aside of cosmetic dentistry, of course).

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Another good source of getting free dentures for the poor is from dental care charities. To learn about this opportunity, contact the nearest dental association in your state and ask for the dental charities event schedule that they know. After that, make a call or contact the contact person responsible for the event, and ask whether you can apply for the event.

What if I don’t Qualify for Free Dentures for the Poor?

I know that it’s hard, but you should not give up hope. You can actually look for affordable or cheap dental care from various sources. Two of the most common sources for cheap dental care in United State are from dental school clinics and new dental office. There are also several dentists that have enough compassion to give you discount for their service. That said, be prepared to wait in line because usually there are many people looking for their service.

If you don’t know where to look, you can make a call to This call center can provide good information about affordable and cheap dentures for the poor in your local area.

I sincerely hope that you can use the information available in this post to get your free dentures for the poor.


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