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Gap Tooth Joke – Here Are Reasons Why Life with Gap Tooth Is a Beauty

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As people know, gap tooth leave a space between two teeth that is very noticeable especially on front teeth. Gap tooth joke is sometimes made fun by people actually. We can find it easily in internet and social media many awesome jokes to make you have an unstoppable laugh. Let us hear memes like ‘get the London look? More like, get that gap looked at’, ‘did she have enough space for ios8?’ (with picture of gap tooth girl), ‘your teeth are like stars, slightly yellow and very far apart’, and ‘I like my teeth like essays, double spaced’.

Are they funny? Of course but those are only several between bunch of gap tooth joke. Even the gap tooth girls or boys also laughed for themselves. However, in different case, for the person with gap tooth itself, it can be a kind of insult. Actually, it is not a time to regret the life with gap tooth. There are some reasons why other people should be jealous of someone who has gap tooth. Just take it easy about the funny gap teeth jokes because every person is created special and different.

Gap Tooth Joke – Knowing you’re beautiful

Gap tooth joke is not something bad at all. Indeed, the gap tooth is caused by several factors like mismatch between jaw bones and teeth size; thumb sucking, periodontal disease, etcetera, but far from the dental disease, gap tooth is seen differently by many people too. You can be stand out because only few people have it. It is also proven by actors and musician who are very proud with gap tooth. It is not a flaw but rather to be a unique feature so mean it as a flawless.

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Then, turn it as signature look. Then, you will be stunning with your distinctive appeal. In addition, in some cultures, people will see the gap tooth as symbol or mark of beauty and sexiness. People can check it as in French name of gap teeth that is dents du bonheur. It means lucky teeth. Thus, people with gap tooth are seen as lucky or selected people. Who cares? You can even turn it as your talisman. It looks fashionable too especially when it is adorned with gap tooth jewelry. As the result, it does not matter to make other people happy with gap tooth joke.


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