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Good & Affordable Dental Insurance in Oklahoma

Are you looking for an affordable dental insurance in Oklahoma? Which plan is the best for you and your family? We here at the are relieved knowing that our society’s awareness of oral and dental health is rising every year. People who are new in Oklahoma can be quite overwhelmed with the dental care options available. However, if you’re looking for the ones with the cheapest premium, we have made a short list for you!

Last year the federal government made a controversial decision by making adult dental benefit as an optional choice for the state’s Medicaid and Medicare program. Luckily, most of the states still include dental benefits for the elderly, the poor and the disabled. Of course, each state may have a different application. In Oklahoma, the dental benefit offered are preventive and some basic dental procedure. We recommend you to call your Oklahoma’s Medicaid office to learn more about it.

Meanwhile, here are the top 5 of the cheapest and most affordable dental insurance in Oklahoma (based on its monthly premium):

  • IHC Group Bay Plan – $14.70
  • Security Life Plan I – $16.93
  • HumanaOne Preventive Plus – $17.24
  • United Concordia Individual 301 – $17.71
  • United Concordia Individual 101 – $18.72

Affordable Dental Insurance in Oklahoma REVIEW

The IHC Group Bay Plan is a PPO dental plan, with a reputable company to back up their financial status. The A.M. Best Company give this company an A- rating, which means that the company has an excellent track record.

The IHC Group Bay Plan is a bit interesting, because it seems that this plan is designed to cover preventive and basic dental care. The deductible is $50, with maximum benefit of $1,000. They don’t cover major dental services (crowns, bridges, dentures, root canals, oral surgery and endodontics). Free preventive and diagnostic care with no waiting period, and they cover 50% of your basic dental care after 6 months of waiting period.

Security Life Plan I offers a $750 maximum benefit, with annual deductible of $50. You pay 10% to 30% for preventive dental care, 40% to 60% for basic dental care, and 50% to 80% for major dental care. The percentage varies because they have three years plan. For example, for major dental care the you pay 80% in the first year, 65% in the second year, and 50% in the third year forward. The A.M. Best Company rating for this company is B+

The HumanaOne Preventive Plus offers a $1,000 annual maximum benefit, and the annual deductible is $50. The preventive dental care procedures are at no cost, while they cover 50% of the most of the basic dental care cost (with 6 months waiting period). According to their website, they still offer discounts for major dental care, although they didn’t specifically said how much.

The United Concordia Individual 301 and 101 plans have the same $50 annual deductible cost. The annual maximum benefit is rather high compared to other plans at $1,500, but they don’t cover major dental services such as oral surgery, endodontics, root canals, periodontics, crowns, dentures, anesthesia or sedation dentistry, etc. They cover 50% of the cost for preventive and basic services.

So which one would you choose? It depends on your need, really. I hope this post can help you find affordable dental insurance in Oklahoma.

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