Greenberg Dental Winter Park Reviews and Complaints

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Greenberg Dental Winter Park Review and Complaints

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review and complaints from real user. The Greenberg Dental, especially the one located in Winter Park, Orlando, Florida has its own perks. The management managed to include the office in several dental insurances’ PPO network, and it is understandable that people living near the office choose them as their preferred dental provider. However, the question is, is it worth it? We’re going to give you a glimpse of what users say in the Greenberg Dental Winter Park review and complaints.

The Greenberg Dental in Winter Park is just one of the many Greenberg dental offices spread here in Orlando, Florida. There have been many review about this place, but before we get to that we will show you how to get to Greenberg dental Winter Park in Orlando, FL.

Checkout the map below:

Greenberg Dental Winter Park Review

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Some reviewers have had a great experience with Greenberg Dental, mentioning that most of the staff are friendly, and the environment is clean. Marrie from Kissimmee FL was delighted because she received a good service with short waiting time. Sharon and her kids have had a great experience with the Greenberg Dental at the Winter Park. The only downside for them is the outdated collection of the movies played in the waiting room. Most of the people giving the Greenberg dental positive reviews also mentioned that they love the fact that the Greenberg Dental Winter Park has different kinds of dental health care under one roof.

Greenberg Dental Winter Park Complaints

However, not everyone agree with Marrie. There are several Greenberg dental Winter Park complaints too. For instance, Sharon and Scotty said that they had to wait very long before they can get the procedure done by the dentist. They also mentioned that there are some of the staff that are not professionals. Greg from Moorpark mentioned in his review that you have to be a smart patient and make sure to ask why certain things are necessary. Be a critic, because that may save you from unnecessary procedures.

Another thing that many of the reviewers mentioned is how hard it is to make an appointment from the phone line. One of the reviewers said that she tried several times before the office answered her call.

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All in all, the Greenberg dental Winter Park Orlando Florida is a big dentist office. This dentist office offers a variety of services under one roof. You can remove wisdom teeth, put braces, clean your teeth, cosmetic dentistry procedures, etc.

However, the downside for this is the huge amount of patients compared to other dentist office. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the staff can be a bit grumpy. It is understandable, because sometimes the flow of patients is just too much to handle. Therefore, be prepared to wait longer in the Greenberg dental Winter Park, Orlando, Florida.

I think that is all for now. I hope this Greenberg Dental Winter Park review can give you a glimpse of their service, including the complaints. Put some comments under and share your review too! We’d love to hear them.

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