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Healthfirst Dental Coverage Plans and Packages

The Healthfirst dental coverage is one among the various services the HealthFirst offers. As you visit the organization’s official website, you can also see that the Health First dental insurance can also be included in a vision and dental health plan. Today, we will briefly discuss each of them. Keep reading!

The base Healthfirst dental coverage is called Healthfirst Essential Plans which include coverage for your emergency care, checkups, prescription drugs, and access to telemedicine 24/7. There is no annual deductible with this package. The access to dental and vision coverage is made according to the income. There are four Essential Plans, ranging from Essential Plans 1 through Essential Plan 2. Vision exams and benefits related to eyeglass lenses and frames or contact lenses are offered in Essential Plan 3 and 4.

Meanwhile, there’s the other Healthfirst dental coverage called Essential Plans, including coverage for your emergency care, prescription drugs, checkups, and access to telemedicine 24/7. Just like Healthfirst Essential Plans, there’s no annual deductible either. There are two Essential Plans offered here: Plan 1 Plus Vision & Dental and Plan 2 Plus Vision & Dental. Both plans are for those age 19 to 64 so they’re suitable for your family.

Below are the services available, which information we got from the official website of Healthfirst:

They are working together with Dentaquest to provide these dental services. I hope this post help. Don’t forget to add comments under to share your story using their service. Remember, your story might help other people to make their decision!


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