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Heartland Dental Care Lawsuit for Gender Discrimination

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Heartland Dental Care is a famous nation-wide dental company in United States. The company have had good reputation and has a lot of office in almost every state I know. However, just like many other big companies, there will always be one or two offices that don’t meet the standard of excellence when it comes to dental services.

The company itself obtained the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a good and reliable independent agency that rates business places based on various aspects, including the length of time that the business has operated and the number of complaints submitted and solved.

Heartland Dental Care Lawsuit on Gender Discrimination

That being said, we also heard about Heartland Dental Care lawsuit filed on Sept 2 by a woman named Jennifer Crain, formerly known as Jennifer Krueger back in 2014. The case started back on January 2013 when she told her supervisor that she was pregnant, and her supervisor said that the pregnancy should not ‘interfere’ with her work schedule. Shortly after that Jennifer claimed that she was released from her duty and her job was given to Heather Helstley. Jennifer said that this limited her chance in getting bonus pay that she needs (previously during her 7 years of service she always got the bonus pay).

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She was also assigned to a job that was closely related to nitrous oxide, a substance which is also known as laughing gas in which have potential relation to miscarriages, according to some studies. On August 2013 the dental practice finally fired her for ‘purposely not supporting two dentists, deviating from her work schedule’.

On Sept 2013 she filed a lawsuit to Heartland Dental Care for multiple causes, including:

  1. Discrimination against gender and pregnancy
  2. Intentional restriction on her earning capabilities
  3. Placement in office where it may have negative effect on her pregnancy
  4. Retaliation and sexual harassment

The lawsuit case was worth $50,000 for all causes.

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After some law process, we finally get the update on this Heartland Dental Care lawsuit. Jennifer Crain finally decided to dismiss her gender discrimination suit to Heartland Dental Care. The case was dismissed before the defendants (which also include the Dental Professionals of Illinois) answered the allegations.

So far, this is the only official lawsuit against Heartland Dental Care that we know of. In near future, we will also provide some reviews from the former employees of the Heartland Dental Care, and hopefully you will be able to see what are the pros and cons (advantages and complaints) of working in this office.

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