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Heartland Dental Care Review – Pros and Cons

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First off, we have to remind you that this is not your typical Heartland Dental Care review. It is a review that focuses on the employees and their experience while they were working for the Heartland Dental Care. It is also important to note that this review is based on the office staff such as the dental hygienist, dental assistants, office administrators, etc; not the dentists.

We based this review on various reviewing sites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and BBB. As you know, there are a lot of jibberish in those sites and that is why we decided that we will summarize the pros and cons of Heartland Dental Care as your chosen workplace because we understand that you want to know about the pros and cons immediately. Does it pay well? How about the environment? How about your career development opportunities? What are the benefits? Should I avoid applying here? All these questions should be answered today.

REVIEW – Heartland Dental Care Pros and Cons

Heartland Dental Care Pros

There are multiple benefits and advantages when you work in this office. Below are some of them:

1. The first and foremost reason would be the company’s reputation. Heartland Dental Care is a well-known company in the dental care category and that will look good on your future resume.
2. The company provides great opportunities to develop the career and skills for their employees. They have loads of training classes available for free, which is great for personal and professional development. There’s also option on continuing education! All in all, the company can teach their employees about the business, health care and dealing with people.
3. For those who are single, the office can be a great way to travel out of state (if you’re into traveling, that is). You can be transferred to other Heartland Dental Care offices outside of your state.
4. They accept fresh graduates. What’s more to say about this?
5. There’s a healthcare benefit available for the employee.
6. It’s a great way to start your career.

These four advantages are the ones often mentioned by the current and former employees of Heartland Dental Care.

Heartland Dental Care Complaints

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect company. Here are some of the cons or complaints often said about the company:

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1. Sometimes you have to work in long hours. The company itself has a high standard, that is why the employee often have to put extra efforts to their job
2. Many of the employees think that they have to do major multitasking every day, which makes it hard to get everything done in time.
3. The pay could be more competitive, considering the amount of responsibilities and job tasks handled by the staff

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that the company has a lot of offices and management teams; therefore it is only natural that some offices have a good management team, while some others have poor management team. Therefore some reviewers expressed their complaints toward the management but there are also some other staffs who are satisfied with the working environment.

We sincerely hope that you can understand more about the pros and cons of working in Heartland Dental Care. Hopefully this Heartland Dental Care review will help anyone thinking about working in this office. Don’t forget to share some comments about this and tell us whether it is true or not.




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