Honest Careington Dental Plan Review and Complaints in US

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Honest Careington Dental Plan Review and Complaints

First of all, we need to inform you that the Careington Dental Plan is NOT a dental insurance. This product is a dental discount plan, which is made to cut your expenses during your dental care treatment. Furthermore, the Careington dental plan is not meant to replace dental insurance.

Frankly speaking, the best ideal way to get your dental care done without emptying your pocket is by applying for a dental insurance. However, not everyone can afford to spare tens of dollars each month for dental insurance.

Although the features are not as complete as the real dental insurance, dental discount plan is the next best thing after the dental insurance. Believe me; you don’t want to pay for the dental care treatments and procedure yourself. Depending on the treatment, your dental care cost could be as little as $100 to thousands of dollars.

The Careington dental plan is a popular choice in United States, especially in Texas, Florida, Nevada, Oklahoma and Arizona States. If we break down the popular cities, the top cities for the Careington dental plan are Fort Worth, New York, Las Vegas, and Houston.

Honest Careington Dental Plan Review

So what do people say about the Careington dental discount plan? Does the Careington dental plan scam? Well, the first thing that made many people who can’t afford dental insurance to choose the Careington dental plan is the fact that it is very cheap. The monthly ‘premium’ for this saving discount plan is just below $7. This is much more affordable than dental insurance. Moreover, with more than 5,400 dentists in the Careington network, the system is already have good reputation.

Careington Dental Plan Integration

Members of Careington dental plan will get various discounts which amount is depending on the type of treatment you get. In general, the lowest discount is 20% for specialty processes, and more than 50% for preventive or routine dental treatments. Of course, the price of the treatment offered by the dentist may be different from State to State. Here are the average fees and the discount provided by the Careington dental plan:

Description Regular Cost* Plan Cost* Savings
Alloy Metal Filling $210 $99 53%
Routine Checkup $49 $24 51%
Four Bitewing X-rays $63 $31 51%
Extraction (single tooth) $167 $81 51%
Deep Cleaning (four or more teeth per quadrant) $248 $124 50%
Child Cleaning $67 $34 49%
Adult Cleaning $91 $48 47%
Crown (porcelain fused to noble metal) $1,070 $600 44%
Molar Root Canal $1,000 $580 42%
Adolescent Braces $5,581 $4,465 20%

So what are the other advantages? Well, first off is that you don’t have to do all the paperwork. Moreover, you don’t need referral to visit a specialist. Just make sure that you visit the participating dentist in the network. See all the available dentists in your area. You can also change your provider as long as you want to. But the biggest advantage of this plan is that you can include a dependant, regardless of the age.

Careington Dental Plan Complaints

I know that the numbers looks interesting. They do have a great system. However, sometimes the application of the system isn’t as smooth as expected.

Careington dental plan has many great reviews about them. However, we can’t overlook the complaints. Here is the top complaint about the Careington dental plan review:

The main problem with this dental plan is the behavior of the dentist. Although we cannot say that every dentist in their network are money oriented, there are some reports saying that they had a bad experience with the provider. This makes some people disappointed and accuse the Careington dental plan is a scam.

Therefore, it is important that you do a little research about the provider’s reputation. The Careington Dental Plan is definitely a good way to avoid paying full dental care cost.

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