How Many Teeth do Adults Have?

How many teeth do adults have? It’s an easy question, really. 32. However, how many teeth do adults NEED? Now that’s an interesting question, don’t you think? Let’s start by explaining how our teeth work. There are basically two periods of growing teeth in our lifetime, which are the deciduous teeth and permanent teeth. The deciduous teeth phase occurs when we’re still children, and the number of teeth we have are 20. During this time, when your teeth fall off it will grow back again. This continues until you are a young adult.

Once this phase passes, you’ll have the permanent teeth phase. As you may have suggested, this one is your real teeth. They are sturdy, strong, but once fall off or damaged there’s no turning back. What’s more, the number of teeth that we have increase from just 20 to 32. That’s an extra 12 teeth for you. This number also includes four wisdom teeth that will show up at later time.

The Wisdom Teeth: Unnecessary?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that are located at the farthest places inside your jaw. While many people have no trouble with this teeth (aside of the discomfort or pain during the time the wisdom teeth emerges), there are also people whose their wisdom teeth grow in a wrong direction or angle. In most cases, this condition happens because there is not enough space at the back side of your jaw, forcing the wisdom teeth to grow inwards. Many dentists recommend removing these teeth, especially when they potentially cause you problems in the future. Typically the wisdom tooth removal is performed by dental surgeon. For more information on this, please refer to our post about impacted wisdom teeth.

How Many Teeth do Adults Have AND Need?

Now you might think that we can chew just fine without our wisdom teeth, and you are right about it. However, is that all? According to a new research conducted in United Kingdom, the number of teeth of average person needed to perform proper eating is 20. People who still have 20 teeth can still enjoy eating comfortably.

Now the question would be which of these teeth are essentials? To answer this, it is important to know our goal first. If you want to maintain the bright smile you have, then you need all the front teeth plus the first molar. However, in terms of usefulness you need to have two sets of molars on each side for efficient chewing.

Currently there are many dental procedures that can help you replace the fallen off teeth. Dentures is often the choice to deal with tooth loss, and those who have extra money can try dental implants, the most perfected way to treat tooth loss to date.

So, how many teeth does a person have? It’s all depends whether you are a child or an adult. Average children have 20 teeth, while the average adults have 32. How many teeth do we need? Roughly 20. Don’t forget to share some comments under. We’d love to hear your story too.